Web 3 Gaming Community GuildFi Announces Token Launch Auction on Copper Platform

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Web 3 Gaming Community GuildFi Announces Token Launch Auction on Copper Platform
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Post its successful Token Launch Auction (TLA), GuildFi is preparing for creating its own unique Genesis NFT collection and airdropping these NFTs to 300 early contributors. It is also planning to bring staking rewards to the platform very soon.

The Web 3 Gaming Community GuildFi recently concluded its Token Launch Auction (TLA) for its native GuildFi ($GF) tokens. The GF token auction took place on the Copper platform and was live for 72 hours.

GuildFi works as an interconnected Web 3 ecosystem for Games, NFTs, and communities. It works with the goal of maximizing players’ benefits and providing interoperability across the Metaverse. The platform also lets users select the guilds of choice and use the native gaming tools.

Thus, users can boost yields depending on their performance and engagement across different games in the Metaverse. With its recent Token Launch Auction (TLA), GuildFi managed to raise a total of $139 million. The price of the $GFtoken at the end of the auction stands at $4.0342. A total of 6,200 token holders participated in this event.

For all the $GF token holders, GuildFi has made an additional announcement of where they can trade the tokens. Firstly, GuildFi will list the $GF token on the world’s largest decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap. Post the successful token Launch auction (TLA), GuildFi noted:

“The TLA exceeded even our high expectations and we believe this is a testament to the robust ecosystem that we are building and continue to improve upon. It has been a truly humbling experience for us to see community members vying for the top spots on the TLA contributors leaderboard. The positions on the leaderboard changed hands multiple times proving to us that the community is filled with supporters and backers for the GuildFi vision.”

GuildFi Perks and Token Staking Program

As said, GuildFi aims to become an interconnected ecosystem of games, communities and NFT assets. However, beyond this, the platform also plans to create its own unique Genesis NFT collection.

Furthermore, it has planned additional perks and rewards for the top 300 contributors to its TLA. GuildFi will airdrop the NFTs to these community members. However, in special instruction to the contributors, GuildFi mentions: “Please note that to be eligible for GuildFi’s Genesis NFT, the wallet used to purchase the $GF tokens must have held the token until the snapshot of the leaderboard is taken”.

Apart from this, GuildFi is also developing its own staking program for its loyal GuildFiers. By staking the $GF tokens on the GuildFi platforms, the stakers can earn additional $GF tokens.

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