Norwegian Web Browser Opera Integrates More Blockchains into Crypto Wallet Functionality

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Norwegian Web Browser Opera Integrates More Blockchains into Crypto Wallet Functionality
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Opera wants to offer users a robust experience by providing in-browser crypto wallet support for more blockchain ecosystems.

Norwegian browser Opera is looking to incorporate eight more blockchains into its in-browser crypto wallet as part of a continued Web3 push. According to Opera, SolanaPolygon, StarkEx, Ronin, Celo, Nervos DAO, IXO and Bitcoin, will join Ethereum. This means that Opera users will now have access to the decentralized apps (dApps) and services within these blockchains. All protocol systems are available for Opera on Android, with the iOS version arriving later at an undisclosed date.

Opera’s integration of multiple blockchains, most especially Layer 2s, is part of a broader agenda scope by the Norwegian platform. Opera is looking to attract users to Web3, achieving this in an environmentally-conscious and seamless way. Discussing Opera’s Web3 journey so far, the company’s Executive Vice President Mobile, Jorgen Arnesen, explained:

“Ever since we started in the Web3 space in 2018, we’ve been sealing partnerships with the most popular and cutting edge blockchains and web3 domain name providers in order to accelerate crypto’s evolution from proof of concept towards mass adoption.”

Jorgen also emphasized the quality of experience Web3 should pose to users. According to the exec, “ultimately, Web3 is on its way to becoming a mainstream web technology and users won’t need to know they’re interacting with it. They need to get a superior user experience and a true benefit.”

Opera Crypto Browser Positions to Be One of the Most Holistic of Its Kind

Opera’s updated crypto browser support cuts across disparate blockchain ecosystems, each offering its own comparative strength. These range from the limitless ecosystem of Polygon and Solana dApps to the benefits of Layer 2 DeFi via StarkWare-powered DiversiFi. In addition, the new support update also incorporates access to PoS blockchains and the Ethereum Layer-2 ecosystem. Finally, users will also be able to satisfy their blockchain gaming desires via the Opera support by accessing their Axies via Ronin.

From a transactional and ecological standpoint, users will also come out on top. By gaining entry to these blockchains, users stand to benefit from lower gas fees and faster transactions. While doing this, they still enjoy the benefits of Ethereum’s well-rounded decentralization and security while minimizing carbon footprint.

In a media session, Crypto Ecosystem Lead, Susie Batt, also discussed the development. According to her, the desktop crypto browser for the multi-platform web browsing company can access only Polygon for now. Batt further stated that Opera would soon plug into the rest.

Other Browsers Are Investing in Web3 Too

Opera is not the only crypto-oriented browser that views Web3 as the next evolutionary step in the internet age. Brave, another free and open-source web browser, also launched a built-in crypto wallet and plans to support more blockchains. Just like Opera, the platform provides more opportunities for users to interact with various decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystems such as Layer 2 chains.

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