Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [July 21-27,2018]

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Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [July 21-27,2018]
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Check out the report jointly created by OK Blockchain Capital and Coinspeaker covering main trends of blockchain industry over July 21 – July 27, 2018, with strong focus placed on the market overview, analysis of the newly listed and closed public sales projects, along with topical news on global governmental policies.

OK blockchain capital is committed to exploring the cutting-edge technology of blockchain, setting benchmarks for high-quality analysis, guiding the sound development of the industry. Follow us on medium, to get more  articles.

1. Market Overview

The past week’s daily average global market capitalization of cryptocurrency was $290.49 billion and the daily average transaction volume was $15.17 billion, indicating an incline of 8.26% and an incline of 8.26% respectively. The daily average market capitalization of the top five cryptocurrencies increased by 8.11% from the previous week. The increases in price of the top five cryptocurrencies was led by BTC, which experienced a price increase of 15.9%, and BCH experienced the greatest price increase by 16.08% in the past week.

Of the top 10 cryptocurrencies that increased this week, 80% of the projects were of the vertical application sector. Refereum, an advertising project, experienced the greatest increase in price by 294%.

RankingProjectTokenFieldBrief descriptionTrading amount24hToken priceIncrease/7d
1RefereumRFRAdvertisingRefereum is a decentralized, gaming and social platform. It consists of game developers and a transparent trading platform between gamers and the media.4951$0.015294%
2DmarketDMTGameDmarket’s main businesses are the purchase and sale of CS:GO skins and loot boxes (boxes that can reward gamers with rare guns).794$0.540195%
3HollyWoodCoinHWCEntertainmentThe HollyWoodCoin is a cryptocurrency solution for the film industry. It helps to increase the efficiency of film companies by paying at a more affordable rate for the services provided by production companies.38$0.790112%
4ScrollSCRLData servicesScroll Network stores data in a protected blockchain and supports data transfer at enterprise transaction rates.48$0.294106%
5FuzeXFXTPaymentThe FuzeX ecosystem provides real-time exchanges between cryptocurrency and fiat currency, which suggests the bridging of the gap between your online wallet and your pocket wallet.24$0.04583%
6adTokenADTAdvertisingA protocol created by advertising technology company, MetaX, to track the digital advertising supply chain, allowing participants in the advertising supply chain to avoid fraud and malicious activities.965$0.03083%
7PeerguessGUESSGamblingPeerguess is a token for the cryptocurrency price forecasting platform. Tokens are acquired through the forecasting of future token prices.6$0.00465%
8MktCoinMLMCryptocurrency and paymentMktCoin is an experimental cryptocurrency that supports instant payment to anyone in the world.7$0.00765%
9Acute Angle CloudAACData servicesAcute Angle Cloud is a globally distributed IAAS service platform. It is a distributed cloud computing basic service platform based on IPFS, the Inter Planetary File System.703$0.05265%
10HoloHOTVertical industrial chain and protocolHolo powers its DAPP with the use of BitTorrent. Holo can build a distributed web with user autonomy through its protocol and architecture.539$0.00164%

Data source:coinmarketcap;retrieved at 12:00 on July 27th, 2018

2. Analysis of Top 200 Market Cap Projects

Until July 27th 12:00 p.m., the market capitalization of the top 200 projects increased by 2.14% from last week. Based on the main categories of cryptocurrency and payment, basic chain and protocol, vertical chain and protocol, and vertical industrial application, the projects of the vertical chain and protocol sector increased the most.

Through further classification of the vertical chain and protocol and the vertical industrial application sectors, it was found that the past week’s IoT projects were on obvious increases at a rate of 20.84%. Gambling projects experienced an increase of 5.05%. Corporate services and medical insurance projects experienced the greatest decreases with a rate of 52.23% and 27.02% respectively.

3.Analysis of Newly Listed Projects

There were 18 new projects in the market the past week (mainly of the advertising vertical), 77.78% of which dropped below issued price within 24 hours of listing. Most of the newly issued tokens were listed on IDEX and Hotbit.
Among the new projects, RTB experienced the greatest increase in price (an advertising project), reaching an increase of 60.14% within 24 hours. VIKKY experienced the greatest decrease in price (a social networking coin), reaching a decrease of 24.99% within 24 hours.

New Projects Categories Ratio

Data source:Coinmarketcap.Feixiaohao.OK Blockchain Capital analysis

New Projects Listed Exchanges Ratio

Data source:Coinmarketcap, Feixiaohao

Table of newly listed projects

ProjectTokenFieldExchange PlatformInitial Listed Price¥Current Price¥24h Trading VolumePrice change (24h)Listed Date
Fox TradingFOXTDecentralized exchangeHotbit3.15¥0.41¥690,00010.28%Jul-26
Local Coin SwapLCSDecentralized exchangeHotbit2.53¥0.03¥1,030,000-8.36%Jul-26
AB-Chain RTBRTBAdvertisingLiveCoin2.22¥0.67¥240,00060.14%Jul-26
VikkyTokenVIKKYCommunity tokenIDEX.Hotbit0.00023¥0.00¥130,000-24.99%Jul-26
Tourist TokenTOTOTourismIDEX.DDEX.Hotbit0.000418¥0.00¥24,770-9.12%Jul-26
RelexRLXReal estateIDEX.StocksExchange0.0044¥0.04¥24,24349.64%Jul-26
ZPER tokenZPRAsset managementBit-Z.BitForex0.1692¥0.10¥6,770,000-1.49%Jul-26
ABCC TokenATPlatform tokenABCC0.6368¥4.91¥90,530,00013.37%Jul-25
Cosmo CoinCOSMMedical insuranceHitBTC.IDEX.UEX0.2509¥4.69¥2,000,0002.79%Jul-23
Blue Whale TokenBWXCorporate servicesIDEX.BitForex0.005749¥0.01¥360,000-4.48%Jul-23
wys TokenWYSAdvertisingIDEX0.419¥0.41¥5,7767.92%Jul-23
JOTJOTAsset managementHitBTC3.22¥1.29¥540,000-3.62%Jul-20
KryllKRLAsset managementIDEX.DDEX.Qryptos1.26¥0.49¥200,000-4.46%Jul-20
LemoChainLEMOData servicesBilaxy0.3725¥0.27¥31,010,000-1.74%Jul-20

Data source:Coinmarketcap, Feixiaohao

4. Analysis of Closed Public Sales Projects

There have been 35 closed public-sale projects this past week, totaling nearly 129 million USD. Among these projects, projects of the social network vertical received most funding. This was closely followed by projects of the financial sector.

Table of closed public sales projects(7.21-7.27)

ProjectTokenFieldPlatformSoft Cap
AMOAMOData servicesETH
Social WalletWIRESocial networkPivx
MidasMASDecentralized exchangeETH5,000 ETH
IAC AutoUnitATKTransportationETH10,690,364 USD
Save TokenSAVEAsset managementETH6,987,000 USD
SeylanSYLNCorporate servicesETH
CzeroCZMTTransportationETH350,000 USD
ExTokenXTODecentralized exchangeETH50 ETH
BitMinutesBMTFinanceETH2,000,000 USD
ODEEPODEEPData servicesETH6,400,000 USD
EthealHEALMedical insuranceETH4 800 000 USD
TyperiumTYPESocial networkETH4,500,000 USD
EtheriscDIPInsuranceETH3,644,240 USD
Gramaton TokenGRANMiningETH7,000,000 USD
Xenia Lending CoinXLTLendingETH25 000 000 USD
TV-TWOTTVSocial networkETH2,500 ETH
PayizaPYZDecentralized exchangeETH2,000,000 USD
XBITXBITCorporate servicesETH
StarambaSTTVirtual realityETH21,794,958 USD
EtherIncETICorporate servicesETH1,000,000 USD
RhizomeRZMEducationETH1,200,000 USD
QuadranteQUADBig dataETH3,000,000 USD
Ponics TechnologiesPOTAgricultureETH
Individual Content and Skill TokenICSTSocial networkETH
TreonTXOEnergyETH4,000,000 USD
The Deal CoinDLSDFinanceETH5,000,000 USD
BrylliteBRCGameETH10,000,000 USD
Swiss Alps MiningSAMTourismETH5,000,000 USD
OKMCoinOKMCCorporate servicesETH10,000,000 OKMC
ACA NetworkACASocial networkETH100,000,000 ACA
CheckitsRealCIRNotary certificationETH100,000 USD
WeMarkWMKNotary certificationETH3,250 ETH

Main data sources: Icobench. Foundico. smith and crown.icodata. icodrops.coinschedule.icoadvert
Secondary data sources:Project websites

5. Important News on Global Governmental Policies this Past Week

6.Keeping Up with the Blockchain Giants


7.Hot Topic of the Week:OKEx General Conference

On July 21, 2018, the OKEx General Conference was held in Sanya. The conference was based on the theme of “Sharing, Creating, and Winning”, and included hundreds of blockchain industry elites and hundreds of industry media. Everyone was there to witness the launch of the new win-win strategy. The main contents of the meeting are as follows:

1.Digital Asset Exchange Open Partnership Program – First 12 Partners are officially launched

OKEx will support 100 open and partnered exchanges, and the first 12 partners have confirmed that they will be online by the end of July. 20% of the handling fee of each partnered exchange will be used to repurchase OKB, and the open exchange will open three cooperation plans to build a win-win model with OK partners.

  • The handling fee model requires 100,000 OKB to be locked, and the handling fee income distribution method is: 50% belongs to the operation team, 30% belongs to OKEx, and 20% is used for the repurchase of OKB.
  • The platform token model requires 200,000 OKB to be locked, and the exchange can issue platform tokens. 50% of the handling fee belongs to the operation team, 30% to OKEx, 20% for the repurchase of OKB, and 10% of the platform token will be circulated to OKB holders.
  • The “trading is mining” model requires 500,000 OKB to be locked, and the mining strategy is customized, and the custom ratio is used to repurchase OKB.

2.The launch of the world’s first OK Partner exchange – CoinAll

Jiao Wang, the brand director of CoinAll, stated: The new models of “trading is mining” + handling fee + community self-governed listing of tokens will push new limits. CoinAll will release 10 billion platform tokens, and will jointly partner to integrate OKB, of which 500 million will be used for OKB holders, 4.6 billion will be used for platform trading and mining, and 4.9 billion will be locked. The platform handling fee of 80% will be refunded, and 20% of the handling fee will be used to repurchase OKB.

CoinAll will adhere to being an open, transparent, and autonomous platform, giving power to the community and sharing profits with the community, thereby making CoinAll the first brand to be a co-creative community and a self-governed exchange.

3.The establishment of a comprehensive digital asset service platform

OKEx Financial Markets Director, Lennix, gave a detailed introduction to OKEx’s exchange products, financial derivatives, and cryptocurrency wallets, and said that with the emergence of specialized and diversified products in the market, OKEx will establish a comprehensive digital asset service platform based on the principle of decentralization and sharing profits and power to all stakeholders.

4.Expansion of complied development of the blockchain industry in the US, Korea, Malta and other regions

OKEx Chief Compliance Officer and Government Public Relations Officer, Tim Byun, presented the global layout and development of OKEx. OKEx has been committed to participating in and promoting the development of the blockchain industry in various countries. At present, the OKEx compliance process has made pioneering progress in the United States, South Korea, Malta and other countries. In addition to applying for local licenses, OKEx is also actively exploring the feasibility of securities tokens with local regulators.

5. 10 billion fund of funds plan

OK Blockchain Capital partner, Jun Yu, announced that OK Group will launch the 10 billion fund of funds, DragonFly, which will be used to invest in elite token funds and quality blockchain projects. Jun also said that OK Capital will partner with other elites in the industry, pool resources together, launch a sub-fund for underlying blockchain technologies, promote the underlying technology behind blockchain, accelerate the efficient implementation of advanced blockchain technology, and finally use the advantages of the blockchain economy to drive the blockchain industry towards more rapid developments.

6.The publication of “Blockchain 3.0: Sidechain and Cross-Chain Industry Trends Report”

OK Blockchain Capital Investment and Research Lead, Zihan Zhou, shared the investment layout of OK Blockchain Capital, and officially released the industry trends report “Blockchain 3.0: Sidechain and Cross-Chain”. The report explains the development of blockchain 1.0 and 2.0 from the two core ideas of “technology” and “economy”. The report’s main views include: “the innovation of blockchain technology primarily focuses on expanding its functions and performances”, “there is a powerful transformation in vertical industrial blockchain”, and “tokenomics creates new rights and new relations”. The development of the blockchain industry has led to the concept of blockchain 3.0, emphasizing the broad use of sidechain and cross-chain technologies. The report provides an in-depth analysis of different projects, core issues, and technical solutions for sidechain and cross-chain technologies. Once the report was released, it was immediately shared by dozens of media channels, which promoted extensive discussions in the industry.


Table Upcoming Crowdfunding Projects(July 28- August 3)

ProjectTokenPublic offering launch datePublic offering close dateFieldToken QuantityPublic offering percentage*Hard cap
WebercoinWBC2018/7/282018/8/28Social network50,000,00050%20,000,000 USD
QravityQCO2018/7/282018/8/11Game500,000,00050%35,000 ETH
Cure CosplayCOT2018/7/292018/9/1Game500,000,00050%40,000 ETH
Further NetworkATON2018/7/292018/9/9Tourism4,200,000,00060%12,500,000 USD
CverificationCVER2018/7/292018/9/16Corporate services186,000,00050%40,000 ETH
Local Token ExchangeLTE2018/7/302018/8/30Community token44,660,00058%19,490,900 EUR
GratzioGRAT2018/7/302018/8/30Dev. tools600,000,00060%29,000,000 USD
PlayingCryptoPLYC2018/7/302018/8/30Gambling46,200,000,00060%6,000 ETH
SuploadSUP2018/7/302018/8/15Social network90,866,66664.90%29,985,999 USD
TrifficGPS2018/7/302018/8/12Game100,000,00010%16,000,000 USD
FluxorinTFT2018/7/302018/8/27Social network53%55,000,000 USD
Mix RentMIX2018/7/302018/8/30Transportation52,000,00052%30,000,000 USD
HelixhillsHILL2018/7/302018/10/25Corporate services65,000,00065%40,000 ETH
MedChainMDX2018/7/302018/8/29Medical insurance60,000,00025,000,000 USD
VeioVEO2018/7/302018/9/1Energy350,000,00070%10,000 ETH
Nordcoin MiningNRDC2018/7/302018/8/30Community token10,965,00085%10,965,000 USD
UnitedFansGOAL2018/7/312018/8/1Medical insurance84,500,00065%6,000,000 USD
FeedchainFEED2018/7/312018/8/20Transportation35%29,400 ETH
Virtual UniverseVU2018/7/312018/9/30Data services600,000,00060%24,000 ETH
BithemothBHM2018/7/312018/9/1Community token60%5,000,000 EUR
DelicaDFT2018/7/312018/8/31Corporate services3,300,000,00033%33,000,000 USD
One NetworkOneBit2018/7/312018/8/20Social network125,000,00050%36,000,000 USD
 AgentMileESTATE2018/8/12018/8/15Real estate71,000,00071%25.000.000 USD
 imusifyIMU2018/8/12018/9/1Social network65,000,00065%30,000,000 USD
 Alive CasinoAL2018/8/12018/8/7Gambling250,000,00032,000,000 USD
 Miner EdgeMET2018/8/12018/8/20Energy42,000,00070%15,000,000 USD
SideraeQUOS2018/8/12018/8/15Energy36,720,00072%10,000,000 USD
 FiveStarMiningNetworkFSN2018/8/12018/9/30Platform token7,000,000,00070%
 PRIMARYPRY2018/8/12018/8/31Real estate70%57,500,000 USD
 ShopperCoinSCO2018/8/12018/8/20Community token150,000,00050%12,000,000 USD
 CryptonsGameQST2018/8/12018/8/31Social network45,360,00081%
 TIpbotTIP2018/8/12018/10/15Gambling49,000,000,00049%35,000 ETH
 Goods Digital PassportGDP2018/8/12018/9/30Dev. tools85,000,00085%100,000 ETH
 JavvyJVY2018/8/12018/8/14Community token187,500,00075%8,125 ETH
 Spade CoinSPDC2018/8/12018/8/15Platform token9,212,50078%5,000,000 USD
 KAPEXKPX2018/8/12018/8/30Asset management7,035,00042,000 ETH
 Blue OneBLU2018/8/12018/8/31Platform token735,000,00025,000,000 USD
 Gaming StarsGAMES2018/8/12018/8/31Gambling50%
 SocialRemitSRT2018/8/22018/9/2Platform token300,000,00060%20,000,000 USD
 MatchDiaryMDR2018/8/32018/9/7Platform token210,000,00050%180,000,000 USD

*The ratio between public offering Token quantity and the total Token quantity of the project.
Main data sources Icobench, Foundico, smith and crown, icodata, icodrops, coinschedule, icoadvert
Supporting data source: websites of the projects

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