Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 16-22, 2018]

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Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 16-22, 2018]
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Check out the report created by OK Blockchain Capital covering main trends of blockchain industry over June 16-22, 2018, with strong focus placed on the market overview, analysis of the newly listed and closed public sales projects, along with topical news on global governmental policies.

1. Market Overview

The past week’s daily average global market capitalization of cryptocurrency was $283.2 billion and the daily average transaction volume was $12.24 billion, indicating a decline of 6.98% and 20.93% respectively. The daily average market capitalization of the top five cryptocurrencies decreased by 5.17% from the previous week. EOS has experienced the greatest price decrease in the past week with a low of $10.18, a decrease of 6.09%. BCH on the other hand experienced a 6.56% price increase.

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 16-22, 2018]

Data source:coinmarketcap

Of the top 10 cryptocurrencies that increased, 60% of the tokens were of the vertical industrial application vertical. Also, Fantom of the public chain and protocol vertical experienced the greatest increase in price.

Ranking Project Token Field Brief description Trading amount(24h) Token price Increase/7d
1   Fantom FCN Basic chain and protocol Fantom’s publicchain product is based on DAG technology and supports smart contracts. $895,752 $0.25 174.74%
2 1World 1WO Content copyright It serves the online publishing industry $93,658 $0.17 104.72%
3 Dascoin DASC Cryptocurrency and payment DasCoin is a currency used when oil futures are hedged. $156,094 $0.14 96.91%
4  OneRoot RNT Finance Their current standard smart investment contract is already in use. $3,266,390 $0.08 79.97%
5 Game.com GTC Cryptocurrency and payment Game hopes to become a digital currency for the global gaming industry $23,960,400 $0.19 66.94%
6 Open Trading OTN Exchange platform token It is a decentralized exchange that enables secure transactions between blockchain networks. $66,726 $1.84 65.49%
7  Envion EVN Energy It aims to maximize the value of global renewable energy and traditional energy sources. $166,780 $0.23 65.43%
8  Peculium PCL AI PCL can be used to pay for artificial intelligence data on the Peculium platform $508,404 $0.01 64.47%
9  Feathercoin FTC Cryptocurrency and payment It is an cryptocurrency based on LTC $3,818,620 $0.13 56.89%
10   Centrality CENNZ Consumerism It aims to develop an application market that allows consumers to use point-to-point transactions to manage everyday tasks and experiences $630,166 $0.18 56.27%

Data source:coinmarketcap;retrieved at 11:00 on June 22nd, 2018

2. Analysis of Top 200 Market Cap Projects

The market capitalization of top 200 projects decreased by 0.14% compared with that of last week. Based on the main categories of cryptocurrency and payment, public chain and protocol, vertical industrial chain and protocol, and vertical industrial application, the vertical chain and protocol increased the most, increasing by 49.71%.

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 16-22, 2018]

Data source: OK Blockchain Capital

Through further classification of the vertical chain and protocol and vertical industrial application verticals, it was found that this week’s exchange platform tokens were on obvious increases at a rate of 46.24%

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 16-22, 2018]

Data source: OK Blockchain Capital

3. Analysis of Newly Listed Projects

There were 6 new projects in the market last week (mainly of the vertical industrial application field), 83.3% of which dropped in price within 24 hours of listing. Most of the newly issued tokens were listed on IDEX.

                                       New Projects Categories Ratio                    New Projects Listed Exchanges Ratio

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 16-22, 2018]

Data source:Coinmarketcap、feixiaohao、OK Blockchain Capital analysis

Table 2. The newly listed projects

Project Token Field Exchange Platform Initial Listed Price($) Current Price($) 24h Trading Volume($) Launch Date
Bittwatt BWT Consumerism OCX 0.0272 0.00956 2,274,761 6/21
Constellation DAG Public chain and protocol IDEX、Bilaxy、GDEX 0.0341 0.0313 217,385 6/21
More Coin MORE Entertainment Bittrex 0.4214 0.3897 27,813 6/21
FantasyGold FGC Cryptocurrency and payment CoinExchange、CryptoBridge 0.2710 0.3339 328,122 6/21
Merculet MVP Advertising OKEX、Rfinex、Hotbit、IDEX、DDEX 0.009710 0.009659 5,417,970 6/21
Sentinel Protocol UPP Corporate services BitForex、Bibox、IDEX、Hotbit、Gate.io、DDEX 0.08262 0.07383 2,328,430 6/18


4.Analysis of Closed Public Sales Projects

There were 6 new projects in the market last week (mainly of the vertical industrial application field), 83.3% of which dropped in price within 24 hours of listing. Most of the newly issued tokens were listed on IDEX.

Main categories of public sales project this week (fields with investment more than $10M)

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 16-22, 2018]

Table 3. Closed public sales projects

Project Token Field Platform Soft Cap (USD)
HomeMine HMT Energy Ethereum 5.25 M
CryptoRobotics ROBO Data service Ethereum 5 M
Pigzbe WLO Finance Ethereum 2.85 M
Trial Token TT Finance Ethereum 8 M
Cryptal Dash CRD Exchange platform token Ethereum 15.29 M
Forever Has Fallen FC Game Ethereum 1.5 M
Hashrental LUHN Energy Ethereum 3.4 M
Global Risk Exchange RISK Finance Ethereum 1.5 M
Alchemint SDT Stable coin NEO $15 M
Hashrental  LUHN Energy Ethereum 5000 ETH
SKYFchain  SKYFT Transportation Ethereum $5 M
AIRBLOC Protocol ABL Data service Ethereum $10.4 M
OneLedger OLT Public chain and protocol Ethereum $15 M
FANTOM FTM Public chain and protocol Ethereum $39.6 M
Naireum NRT Finance Ethereum $10 M
Korona KOT Consumerism Ethereum $1.38 M
VooGlue VGC Consumerism Waves $5 M
Digital Asset Exchange Tokens DAE Exchange platform token Ethereum $1 M
Rewards.com RWRD Advertising Ethereum $1.5 M
Tradingene TNG E-commerce Waves $4 M
GoNetwork GOT Public chain and protocol Ethereum $50.6 M
BIORITMAI BRM Medical insurance Ethereum $60 M

Main data sources: Icobench、 Foundico、 smith and crown、icodata、 icodrops、icoadvert,Coinschedule
Secondary data sources:Project websites

5. Important News on Global Governmental Policies this Past Week

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 16-22, 2018]

6.Keeping Up with the Blockchain Giants

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 16-22, 2018]


Table 4. Upcoming Crowdfunding Projects(June 23-29, 2018)

Project Token Public offering launch date Public offering close date Field Token Quantity Public offering percentage* Hard cap
 0xcert  ZXC 2018/6/26 2018/7/3 Dev. tool 500 M 50% 20000 ETH
Elepig EPG 2018/6/25 2018/7/9 Exchange token platform 300 M 50% 80500 ETH
AvaGo AVA 2018/6/26 2018/9/26 Content copyright 500 M 51% 50.5 M USD
EMINENT EMN 2018/6/27 2018/7/25 Human resources 156 M 80% 31.25 M  USD
Abele ABELE 2018/6/28 2018/9/21 Asset management 271 M 70%
 EVA  EVA 2018/6/28 2018/7/11 Tourism 1 B 50% 35000 ETH
 ALLUXE LXC 2018/6/28 2018/7/26 Consumerism 220 M 50% 27500 ETH
Gese GSE 2018/6/26 2018/7/10 Traceability 600 M 65% 49090 ETH
Pig World PICOs 2018/6/28 2018/7/18 Gambling 400 M 50% 4.8 M USD
Opu Labs OPU 2018/6/26 2018/7/10 Medical insurance 660 M 8.4% 37 M USD
Oculta OCA 2018/6/22 Consumerism 200 M 60% 120 M OCA
Chynge XCLP 2018/6/28 2018/9/25 Finance 800 M 70% 560 M XCLP
Zeex ZIX 2018/6/28 2018/7/12 Consumerism 700 M 50% 50 M USD
 qiibee QBX 2018/6/26 2018/7/17 Corporate services 770 M 51% 28 M USD
Etherisc DIP 2018/6/25 2018/7/23 Finance 1 B 30% 30 M USD
KStarCoin KSC 2018/6/24 2018/7/30 Entertainment 100 M 70% 45 M KSC
Streamity STM 2018/6/25 2018/7/22 Content copyright 186 M 70% 20 M USD
PinkDate PDP 2018/6/27 2018/7/25 Payment 20 M USD
BitScreener BITX 2018/6/27 2018/7/4 Data service 450 M 31% 15000 ETH
 Quadrant Protocol eQuad 2018/6/26 2018/7/26 Data service 1 B 40% 20 M USD
Carboneum C8 2018/6/25 2018/7/8 Social network 120 M 60% 12 M USD
Usechain UST 2018/6/23 2018/7/4 Public chain and protocol 20 B 45% 4500 BTC

*The ratio between public offering Token quantity and the total Token quantity of the project.
Main data sources Icobench, Foundico, smith and crown, icodata, icodrops, coinschedule, icoadvert
Supporting data source: websites of the projects

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