Welcome Wagon for Newcomers: Three New Products Rolled Out by Coinbase

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Welcome Wagon for Newcomers: Three New Products Rolled Out by Coinbase
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The new products are aimed at educating people about cryptos and simplifying their first investing experience.

The leading crypto exchange Coinbase is going on pleasing customers and coming up with new solutions. The company has recently diversified its product line, launching three new products.

The new products are Coinbase Bundle, Informational Asset Pages, and Coinbase Learn. As the company’s post states,  all the three products simplify investing in digital currencies for the first time and help people learn more about cryptos.

AJ Asver, Coinbase product manager, said:

“The products announced today are directly inspired by customer research we conducted with both current and prospective customers. We talked to them about some of the barriers they encounter when deciding whether or not to buy cryptocurrency, or which cryptocurrencies to buy, and used those conversations to inform the development of these products.”

Coinbase Bundle is a pre-packaged collection of five coins (bitcoin, ether, litecoin, bitcoin cash, and ethereum classic). The bundle of five cryptocurrencies can be purchased for $25 or more and traded individually or as a group.

“Once a bundle is purchased, the underlying cryptocurrencies are stored in their respective wallets and behave just like separate cryptocurrencies in your Coinbase account.”

At first, the product will be available to customers in the U.S. and Europe who have verified their identities. Asver said:

“With Coinbase Bundles, asset pages and the new educational resources, we hope to ease the process of understanding, exploring and buying cryptocurrency for people getting started for the first time.”

Informational Asset Pages are expected to help learn about the top 50 cryptocurrencies,  including those not currently traded on Coinbase. The Asset Pages are an excellent educational tool for those interested in historic trading data, current market cap, a description of cryptocurrencies, and their comparison. The tool also provides links to relevant white papers and cryptos’ websites.

As for Coinbase Learn, this tool will help users answer the basic questions about crypto industry. The company’s post reads:

“The questions and answers in this portal are inspired by customer research and vetted with people totally new to cryptocurrency with the goal of helping anyone decide with confidence whether buying cryptocurrency is right for them.”

The exchange is trying to make the first investing in cryptos easier for those unfamiliar with this sphere and help them avoid possible mistakes. Coinbase said:

“We expect that millions of people will make their first cryptocurrency purchase in the coming years. But all too often, getting started can be overwhelming for people learning about crypto for the first time.”

The products are already available.

Recently, Coinbase announced some changes in its listing policy. A new procedure for listing cryptocurrencies is compliant with local laws. Moreover, it is quite fast and allows adding more digital assets.

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