Why WEWE Global Is Reliable Business? Here’s the Answer

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by Tolu Ajiboye · 3 min read
Why WEWE Global Is Reliable Business? Here’s the Answer
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DAO startup accelerator WEWE Global is a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs looking to make giant strides in the blockchain era.

As a multi-service platform that equips entrepreneurs with the tools they need to thrive, WEWE Global also aims to facilitate increased crypto adoption. The unique startup accelerator operates as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) run by a vibrant community that proposes and votes on platform developments. Every member has a say in the platform’s direction and proposals that secure a 51% affirmation progress to the development phase.

As stated in a brief agenda description on the digital startup accelerator’s official website:

“WEWE connects crypto services with people all over the world. Since 2020, we’ve been integrating products that our users can use by paying in bitcoin and altcoins. The WEWE community enjoys discounts, referral programs, and more! Members can decide on project development via a voting system, as the project is managed as a DAO – Decentralized autonomous organization.”

In a nutshell, WEWE Global has two primary functions. The first is to integrate an online shop similar to Amazon. However, this online venture would accept and support digital currency payments, thereby fostering crypto accessibility and adoption.

The second goal, expounded upon in the rest of this article, is to nurture a digital entrepreneurial career.

Deep Dive into WEWE Global Referral Program

An important feature of WEWE Global is its Referral Program, which makes crypto products and services accessible to people across the globe. By allowing people to become Independent WEWE Associates (IWAs), WEWE Global’s Referral Program also nurtures its clients’ businesses. Furthermore, IWAs are also privy to high rewards via bonus plans and can attain an equally rewarding career path. In addition, Associates can access third-party products on the platform and integrate these resources into their respective businesses. Some listed resources include crypto launchpads, token staking, minting, trading signals, and travel bookings. These products and services are all payable in digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and the WEWE token. This token functions as the gas fee and also the main symbol of the project’s value. Users and members of the WEWE Global community can collect virtual coins and purchase products and services on the platform.

The Referral Program, by way of IWA, fosters belonging and ownership within the WEWE Global community.

Joining WEWE Global entails securing a referral code from another user, who essentially serves as a “sponsor.” However, this sponsor does not just provide an entry code; the individual also guides the digital entrepreneurship journey. In other words, the sponsor/guide facilitates the entrant’s business with the requisite knowledge, skills, and tools. Furthermore, by inviting trusted people to their network, Associates can induce effective referral marketing. Subsequently, this marketing scheme could also further promote inherent products and services.

Pre-Information Is Key

Despite the touted abundant offerings, prospective participants need to be well-informed before approaching the service. Users must educate themselves on the company’s products and services before signing up.

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