What Is PBX Token? Why Did the Price Increased by 100% in Just 3 Months?

May 2nd, 2022 at 10:04 am UTC · 5 min read

The Origin of PBX Token

The PBX token was developed by PolarBearX, a Thai-Canadian wealth-tech Startup which has won numerous awards in Asia, including Top 1000 Global Startups, Slingshot 2021 Deep-tech Startup Pitching Singapore, Top 6 Jumpstart China – Overseas Elite Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Top 10 on Spark Ignite 2021 Thailand Startup Competition. PolarBearX is currently focusing on five products module which ties directly to the PBX token.  The overview of the 5 modules product are:

  1. AlgoQuant Lab – This is part of the research and development (R&D) unit within the PolarBearX group, focusing on developing fully automated financial robots to replace human labor utilizing the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
  2. Social ROBO Investing Network – The innovative copy-trading platform which connects to PolarBearX’s automated trading robots to scale up investing in various financial products including offshore Forex and futures financial markets.
  3. Hedge Fund Robotics (BlockFundX) – A global asset management fund combining traditional and digital assets. Like other products, it also includes Robo Advisors and automated trading. BlockFundX leverages the blockchain technology to manage and enable the fund to connect any type of asset.
  4. DeFi ROBObank – A financial service system utilizing blockchain technology to help deposit, withdraw and transfer digital assets in the future.
  5. Robotics X Capital – A venture capital envisioned to create new opportunities and increase returns on investment for global startups.

pbx token

PBX tokens went into presale at the end of 2021 and were listed during an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) on ​​the P2PB2B centralized exchange. It is also available on PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange. PBX will be listed on many other centralized exchanges in the foreseeable future.

Features & Benefits of PBX token

The PBX token is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) token standard. The key feature of the token is that PBX holders are rewarded with additional tokens each time a transaction takes place. When a transaction occurs, the transaction fee is distributed among token holders. We call this process, Passive Income Generator. Specifically, the 6% transaction of the transaction fee is divided as follows:

  • 3% shared with the Liquidity Pool
  • 2% automatically divided among all PBX holders and transferred directly to their wallets
  • 1% used for operating and marketing costs

The more transactions on the network, the more tokens get distributed to the token holders. As the number of PBX token users grows, so will the amount of rewards received by the holders. This mechanism will incentivize the PBX token users to hold their tokens.

In addition, PBX holders will have the ability to stake their tokens in order to increase their passive income. This will empower them to receive much higher returns. Initially, staking will be based on time length, and holders will be able to receives the following APR (Annual Percentage Rate):

  • 180 days – 60% APR (Limited Total Value Locked Pool)
  • 120 days – 45% APR (Limited Total Value Locked Pool)
  • 90 days – 30% APR (Limited Total Value Locked Pool)
  • 60 days – 20% APR (Unlimited Total Value Locked Pool)

The larger the staked amount, the greater your passive income is.

The benefit of the holding PBX token can be summarized as the following:

  • Passive Income Generation: 2% fee from each transaction
  • Staking to earn PBX tokens: 20-60% APY (locked 60-180 days)
  • Staking to earn Binance USD (BUSD) with Block Projects from Automated-Profit Sharing Investments in Global Financial markets
  • Capital Gains from investing in other businesses (Block companies) in the form of profit-sharing on price differences in the CEX market
  • Can be used with PolarBeaX’s BlockFundX product.


Last March, the BlockFundX system was launched. It connects to Module 3 Hedge Fund Robotics, creates an important use case for the PBX coin, and helps retail investors gain exposure to numerous investment opportunities globally.

BlockFundX is a system used to link PBX token to investments in Global Assets. It allows you to earn stable coins such as BUSD easily. PBX holders who invest their tokens with BlockFundX will be able to profit from stocks, Forex, gold, futures and crypto markets. They can also invest more Block Assets in their assets.

In addition, BlockFundX makes the process of asset allocation much easier and more convenient, as the returns in BUSD are paid automatically and immediately. In the future, BlockFundX will also allow the investors to receive their returns in the form of other coins and tokens as well.

The following diagram compares investing in global assets with a private banker and with BlockFundX:

pbx token

The Future of PBX Tokens and Conclusion

As proven by the Roadmap, PBX tokens still have a lot of room for growth. Projects such as the PBX Hackathon SG as well as the upcoming partnerships with startups building GameFi, Metaverse and NFT projects can turn PBX into a globally significant blockchain project. Another thing worth looking for is the DeFi ROBObank, a financial service system combining blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence.

Overall, PBX token is definitely one of the most promising new cryptocurrencies. It has very strong technologic fundamentals – specifically, the highly advanced algorithms used to build Financial Robots and enable Fully Automated Trading and ROBO Advisors. Combining Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and cloud-based technologies is a trillion dollar use case with the potential to revolutionize the global financial market. Investors should study the project information before investing:

PolarBearX links: News, Facebook, P2PB2B Exchange, PancakeSwap.