What Makes SuperBots Different from Its Competitors? Everything!

June 24th, 2022 at 8:52 am UTC · 4 min read


In the context of the current bear market such as the one we are experiencing, with extreme volatility and support levels that break one after the other, it is necessary to ask the right question – “Are there still opportunities to profit from crypto during a bear market?”

As with investing in any project, a stock, a token, or even a trading platform, it can be a daunting task to research in-depth to decide on the best course of action. In this article, we will help to simplify your task by introducing you to a powerful DeFi trading protocol that is completely secure, automated, private, and backed by proven results even during times when the crypto market crashed; such as the one we witnessed recently, in April and Mary 2022. When the crypto market crashed by more than 30%, one of the SuperBots’ bot made more than 30% in profits!

What Is SuperBots?

SuperBots is the first protocol to offer an automatic algo trading solution on the decentralized market, specializing in bots and vaults. Users can use the platform for free by depositing capital into one of their vaults of choice. There are no subscription fees needed. Users only pay a performance fee when the bots make a trade. In fact, if there are losses, users receive virtual credits which they can use for paying subsequent trading fees.

Each vault on SuperBots contains an algo and each vault has a different strategy. The vaults are powered by smart contracts which help you manage your assets and trade on full automation. All you need to do is to connect your metamask wallet, choose a vault and deposit your capital, and the vault will do the rest.

SuperBots is a unique Web3 project. Not only is it a DeFi trading protocol, SuperBots’ native token, UBXT, has strong utilities from using it to pay for commissions (for successful trades only), staking to generate passive income, and in the not-so-distant future, using UBXT to power its NFT collection and its metaverse!

What Are the Benefits of SuperBots?

  • Security: SuperBots puts transparency and security of funds at the forefront and has therefore had not only its smart contracts for UBXT but also each vault audited before making them available for investors. To further increase the level of security, their team has set up a bug bounty with ImmuneFi which has not yet been activated at the time of writing, so this is a good sign.
  • Transparency: All past performance and every trade are clearly reflected and shown and can check on the chain. You can check for yourself on BSCscan since each of their vaults is a smart contract.
  • Easy to use and fully automated: Just deposit capital and the vaults take care of the rest, it will buy and make the swap for you, nothing else to do.
  • Backed by proven past performance: The performance displayed on the app is live and has been pretty impressive. Let’s take the case of their first vaults, WT BNB V2. It has registered performance of 6.79% and 24.73% for the months of April and May respectively. Over the same period, the market lost -12.08% and -14.90%. One could say that it’s a protective shield on your capital!

What Sets Them Apart?

That’s not bad, don’t you think? But the biggest difference with the competition is something even bigger than that. The SuperBots team sees things even bigger with a feature never seen before in the competition, the leverage effect.

Yes, you read that right, their team is currently developing decentralized trading with leverage, something we’ve never seen before. This will add more strategy possibilities for investors.

Besides that, they are also developing arbitrage strategies on DEX, to fight the bear market with non-directional strategies.


After talking with their management team, I can assure you that a lot of things are in the pipeline. We are talking here about adding vaults, and integrating NFTs with the Metaverse because yes, SuperBots owns a parcel of the Metaverse! Web 3.0 will be the next revolution and SuperBots is in the starting block!

For all the reasons and features, I can only advise investors, whether institutional or retail, to add funds to one of their vaults.

To learn more about SuperBots visit the website.