Elon Musk and Dogecoin (DOGE): Why Twitter Is a Crypto Haven and How Gnox (GNOX) Trends on the Platform

June 11th, 2022 at 11:43 am UTC · 3 min read

Elon Musk and Dogecoin (DOGE): Why Twitter Is a Crypto Haven and How Gnox (GNOX) Trends on the Platform

What people say on Twitter makes a difference in the crypto world. The reality is, both Twitter and crypto are inextricably linked. Whether they should be or not is another question for another time. New coins are touted, and market surges can be formed when certain cryptos start trending. One issue with this is that it can often be hard to break through the noise. Which cryptos have actual value, and which trends are just bots trying to move a price on a worthless altcoin?

How Twitter and Elon Musk Helped DOGE Moon

While navigating Twitter and finding real information on the best crypto investments can sometimes be difficult, there’s one Twitter personality’s opinion that people put a lot of faith in: Elon Musk.

The former world’s richest man, serial entrepreneur and founder of electronic car giant Tesla has had a long history supporting and talking about crypto on Twitter. It’s a platform he loves so much, he just bought it.

And as anyone who’s followed altcoin DOGE will know, when he talks about it, it moves the price. Elon claims that DOGE is the “people’s crypto”. It’s viewed as a viable alternative to Bitcoin for real world payments thanks to reduced transaction speeds and a range of other benefits.

DOGE expereinced some huge price gains in 2021 thanks to traction on Twitter, and most notably: Elon tweeting about it.

Could GNOX Be the Next Twitter Crypto Star?

One crypto project that is perhaps well-placed to start gaining even more popularity on platforms like Twitter is Gnox. It’s already starting to gain momentum and is currently undergoing a highly-anticipated pre-sale. Aiming to democratize DeFi investment and bring benefits of passive income investments to the mainstream (including those who previously have no former knowledge of the crypto world). Gnox protocol and its token, GNOX, could be the next “people’s crypto”.

While BTC, ETH and even DOGE do sometimes gain mainstream attention from outlets who don’t normally cover the crypto world, altcoins and other crypto projects have sometimes struggled to bridge that gap between the digital world and regular, everyday investors. Most notably because some of the benefits of DeFi investing can only be enjoyed by those who understand many of the complicated principles they involve. Not with GNOX, where regular people can start enjoying yeild farming as a service and simply sit back and count their passive income returns. That’s why GNOX could be the next big thing in crypto.

While DOGE has undoubtedly benefited from huge popularity on Twitter, GNOX could be the next crypto that breaks through the noise. In an online world where its sometimes hard hard to know “good” projects from pump and dump schemes, GNOX stands out and could be the key next step in bringing crypto even further into the mainstream.

Find out more about Gnox here: Website, Presale, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Instagram.