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Winstars’ CEO Revealed Gambling Revolution During D10E Conference

May 25th, 2018 at 6:29 pm UTC · 2 min read

His participation in the conference is not by accident. Gambling is the sphere where decentralization and transparency are needed more than anywhere else. The audience and experts on the conference appreciated Egor’s arguments in favor of blockchain implementation as well as his project – Winstars.

Representatives of several funds and large organizations, as well as large players from other markets have already agreed on future meetings with Winstars’ representatives. This means that not only players, but also serious investors are interested in blockchain casinos.

It has already become clear to many that it is stupid to put blockchain everywhere. In most cases it’s just an attempt to get some money due to “blockchain-hype” around the world. If the project does not need a blockchain, then its use will make everything worse rather than provide any advantages.

But gambling really needs it. This is the only way to guarantee games’ transparency and honesty of all its participants.

Did anyone implemented blockchain in the gambling market? In fact, blockchain has already been implemented in a number of projects, but all existing blockchain casinos have a lot of problems:

  • High cost of smart-contract execution. Conventional online casinos are much cheaper to play.
  • Dependency on 3rd party oracles. Most blockchain gambling projects do not have their own random numbers generator.
  • Insufficient control over fraud. No one can really tell, whether random numbers in these casinos are truly random.
  • Inability to attract “fiat lovers”. Purchasing cryptocurrency is a time-consuming process for most common folks.
  • Inability to verify players. Players do not want to pass KYC procedures just to gamble.
  • Low speed and limited bandwidth capacity can make games painfully slow.

Why players do not like current blockchain casinos? It would seem that they must be really interested in fairness and transparency of everything that happens in the casino. But the existing blockchain casinos are not very interesting and convenient for players

  • It is difficult to check transactions – most blockchain casinos do not bother with user-friendly transaction checking mechanics.
  • Bad UI / UX – most blockchain interfaces are hideous.
  • No special games.

Winstars stood up against these problems at the last conference and is ready to fight them. You can see the video of Winstars’ CEO speech on Youtube. And you can learn more about the project itself on its official website.

Decentralization is not the future, it happens now!



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