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E-Coin Rebrands to Wirex, a Hybrid Financial Platform That Uses Blockchain Technology

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by Tatsiana Yablonskaya · 3 min read
E-Coin Rebrands to Wirex, a Hybrid Financial Platform That Uses Blockchain Technology
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Wirex explains why the sole name is the best solution and assures E-Coin customers not to be bothered by the rebranding.

E-Coin was launched by Wirex more than a year ago and for this time its customer base has grown to 100,000 users from over 130 countries around the world. As for now, there are more than 15,000 cards in circulation.

No wonder that news about E-Coin rebranding comes as a surprise. If so successful, why the company needs rebranding now? This question is better address to Wirex itself. And here is what the company explains.

Wirex has been quite embarrassed by the number of service providers with the same or similar name as E-Coin. Indeed, E-Coin (and its variations) is also the name of one country’s alternate cryptocurrency. This name also belongs to an alternate coin-bitcoin digital currency exchange platform, a fast-food administration page, an online shop specializing in beauty products, and even a rare coin in Super Mario World.

Wirex came to the conclusion that sole name will be more suitable. The company promises that E-Coin users will remain satisfied. Actually, the change has been planned from the very beginning, and now the time to do it has come.

Wirex doesn’t want to limit itself to being bitcoin debit card provider only. Now Wirex offer three main services: convenient mobile banking via the Wirex app, instant and cheap remittance services, and new and improved 2-way bitcoin debit cards. Thanks to these three services the gap between digital and traditional currencies in everyday financial transactions becomes closed. Moreover, Wirex allows to overcome the limits imposed by traditional financial institutions. Now the company is considering new plans including presenting a hybrid personal banking solution with a bitcoin debit card service through Wirex.

“Due to our expertise in the field, our team was able to offer additional services to both Bitcoin and non-Bitcoin community, so we decided to rebrand E-Coin into Wirex,” said Dmitry Lazarichev, co-founder of Wirex. “Wirex is much more than a bitcoin card. We felt the name reflects what we want it to be.”

E-Coin users shouldn’t be bothered by the rebranding. They will continue using E-Coin debit cards without change during this integration process. All notifications about new services available with Wirex will be announced strictly in time. Wirex says that it will include “the ability to overcome Bitcoin price volatility (the user will be able to ‘lock’ rates in advance before loading onto debit cards), the ability to integrate debit cards into our mobile banking service via the Wirex app, the ability to buy and sell bitcoins on the platform, and many more.”

“There will be no changes to E-Coin users – all bitcoin debit card services will continue as normal and will not be affected during the integration process,” said Lazarichev. “We will continually update our users via email, and our customer service support will be happy to answer any questions.”

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