WitLink Is Rolling Out to Crypto Exchanges and Plans to Bring Unbridged Evolution to NFTs through Metaverse by June 2022

December 18th, 2021 at 12:28 pm UTC · 3 min read

WitLink Is Rolling Out to Crypto Exchanges and Plans to Bring Unbridged Evolution to NFTs through Metaverse by June 2022
Photo: WitLink

AIDAN in a comment last week said they are set to get listed in crypto exchanges from different regions as they are in communication and writing with the exchanges. Before listing the company plans to raise $50.7 million at latest January 2022. Currently the last stage of pre sales are ongoing and plans to get strong increase in market interest to increase strong buying power at this moment.

We are also looking more into the current opportunities surrounding the Artificial intelligence industries to innovate speedily as we have begun researches on Metaverse to embrace the future of virtual reality which will definitely be a successor to the mobile internet.

WitLink focused exclusively on AI, blockchain technology and digital assets has revealed new details about its NFT project. We will develop an AI system that can understand language and generates works of art based on snippets of text alone, allows users to create and mint their own custom art as NFTs, without so much as lifting a brush. The user-generated NFT collection will be launched under our brand in the Metaverse. With the help of our groundbreaking AI, every NFT collector can now become a creator as well.

In addition to attracting individual collectors, our Metaverse brand will offer artists and brands a powerful tool to reach new audiences that are native to new technical formats such as AI, generative art, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. By leveraging the company’s superior technical and community-building capabilities, brands and artists can successfully expand in both the real world and the Metaverse, both changing quickly.

Even as nonfungible token (NFT) transactions have taken off and made headlines, to most people outside the crypto world, they’re just a gimmick. The metaverse will change that.

There’s always a tipping point when new technologies go from incomprehensible fringe interest to, suddenly, part of life. That point usually comes from the confluence of a number of drivers and, right now, we’re experiencing what happens when two such trends hit the inflection point together.

Hermione Corbyn decision to go into NFTs was enough to propel the WAI Project into major headlines around the world. It is this apparent sudden emergence of the metaverse that provides the escape velocity for the rehabilitation of NFTs’ image as a speculative crypto gimmick.

Major brands, such as Morgan Stanley, are now in the business of predicting the future of NFTs, and the “digital luxury” sector has forecast a Metaverse valued at $50 billion by 2030. The next phase of the NFT cycle has begun.

More than Virtual

The Metaverse is commonly thought of in terms of virtual and augmented reality, but it’s not that simple, even though VR/AR adds to the promised immersive experience. It’s also thought of in terms of games, as in Ready Player One, but it’s not confined to that either. However, both give clues to what it will be.

Work on the metaverse has already bent toward an “embodied internet,” to quote Zuckerberg’s vision: A network of interconnected virtual experiences that blend the digital with the physical, offering new ways to work, play, socialize and create. Think of it as an extension of the work-from-home experience precipitated by COVID-19 – but now in a 3D virtual space.

With these innovative targets and collaborations, we are completely sure to take our place in the industry in the near future but we have to make sure of a stable target and collaboration.

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