Come to the World of Gamefi 2.0 with MetaToys

Place/Date: - March 18th, 2022 at 1:01 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: MetaToys

Come to the World of Gamefi 2.0 with MetaToys

After exploring the Metaverse world for over a year, the MOBIUS GAME team has taken its first step into the Metaverse and launched their first digital community – MetaToys. Based on NFT, MetaToys is a trendy Metaverse centered on Gamefi and SocialFi, which provides users with a brand-new life experience. In the world of MetaToys, users can enjoy a long-term, stable social life experience as well as a rich and extremely playable game experience. The MetaToys team is looking forward to working with users to complete the construction of their digital kingdom!

Many distinctive Gamefi projects have emerged in the market in the past two years, however, most of them can’t be further developed because of their poor playability and imperfect economic system. So today, with the outbreak of Gamefi projects, how to ensure a project can develop smoothly is still a question to be solved. In 2022, more and more people understand and enter the Metaverse world, Gamefi projects are developing rapidly as well, which is called the first year of Metaverse by many people. Many project team started to improve the above problems in terms of project innovation and economic system. MetaToys combined NFT & Gamefi & Socialfi for the first time, and launched a Metaverse community with multiple subworlds integrated.

At present, MetaToys has developed four sub-worlds full of creativity, the holders of Genesis NFTs can freely travel through multiple sub-worlds. The innovative and fun AR raising game, the intense and exciting tank battle game, the fun bomberman game, and the rich game scenes will bring you an immersive experience and make your earn huge benefits.

Moreover, MetaToys will open up the plot building function later, allowing owners to build on their plots and be able to increase their earnings by improving the prosperity of their plots. MetaToys also enhances social attributes in this section. Players can decorate and invite others to play on their plots. It will be a wonderful collision of Socialfi and Gamefi.

As a P2E game, the economic system of MetaToys is also worth exploring. Under the concept of Gamefi 2.0, MetaToys takes the economic system with multiple tokens.

Each sub-world of MetaToys has different inhabitants, gameplay and economic tokens, so that players can obtain economic tokens and governance tokens in different ways. The economic system of each sub-world is independent, in other words, the overall economic system won’t be affected by the economic collapse of any sub-world. The stability of the economic system is guaranteed. The value of governance tokens is also relatively stable because it is supported by multiple games. At the same time, the game also introduces the functions of pledge and item transfer, so that users can truly feel the charm of asset ownership.

In the era of Gamefi 2.0, the economy and playability of Gamefi will be developed together. The diversified game scenarios and stable economic model will enable the long-term development of Gamefi. As one of the builders of Metaverse, MetaToys will realize their values and ideals by breaking more inherent and meaningless rules, while creating more interesting and engaging games and social scenes with a new way, gradually have an impact on the world, and then certain changes will occur. At the same time, Metatoys will allow players to create games and NFTs in the future, hoping to build this wonderful Gamefi 2.0 world together with users.

MetaToys links: Whitepaper, Discord, Telegram, Twitter.

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