XAPO Teams Up with Gaming Company CEVO and Gives Away $21000

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XAPO Teams Up with Gaming Company CEVO and Gives Away $21000
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Bitcoin company Xapo partners with CEVO, a global eSports company, and Leet, bitcoin-based gaming service, giving away $21,000 in bitcoins.

As far as Bitcoin is attracting mainstream attention, it seems to be natural that gamers are those who can be particularly interested in the cryptocurrency’s abilities.

Recently Xapo, free bitcoin wallet app, announced its partnership with CEVO, e-sports company, and Leet, bitcoin-based gaming service, “to provide a seamless, bitcoin-enabled competitive gaming experience to players on the CEVO platform.”

“We’re really excited to be partnered with an amazing company like Xapo” said Charlie Plitt, President at CEVO. “Xapo offers a superior user experience backed by an incredibly secure system that we’re very excited to introduce to our fans. And plus, we really wanted to give away bitcoins – not mine them.”

“We are very excited to announce this partnership with CEVO,” said Tiburcio de la Carcova, Head of Platform. “Bitcoin has proved to work best in online games, where players can compete and transact instantly and for free, regardless of where they are in the world. I could not imagine a better place to start than to offer it as a competitive token for CEVO’s giant and loyal user base.”

In addition to that, CEVO’s blog states that the partnership is going to start a program for those who want “to open their lucky vault.” In other words, the company gives away $21,000 in bitcoin to new users who open a CEVO account linking it to their XAPO bitcoin wallet.

According to CEVO, any vault can be empty or can contain $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $100, or $1,000. Those users who are lucky to win bitcoins, can spend them playing on Leet, buying Gyftcards, or even playing Minecraft.

“Over the last several months Xapo has invested substantial resources in trying to better understand how Bitcoin can be used to improve a game’s engagement, retention and monetization,” reads XAPO’s announcement. “As part of that effort, we have been developing new APIs that allow game developers to easily build in-game functionality for managing bitcoin deposits, withdrawals and transactions.”

Thus, Xapo considers bitcoin, not just as the most important innovation in digital payments, but as an opportunity for those gamers who cannot access their bank accounts to be a part of the digital currency gaming community: “We believe that gaming presents one of Bitcoin’s most exciting growth opportunities, as fast, inexpensive and secure bitcoin payments have the potential to open the global gaming community to players who lack access to a bank account or credit card.”

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