XMAX Releases XToken, Their First Exclusive Blockchain Payments Wallet

September 14th, 2018 at 3:17 pm UTC · 5 min read

The XToken wallet adopts Swift 4.1 and Apple’s native application development framework.

According to the XToken development lead, the wallet provides all the basic functions required for general transactions including wallet creation, importing existing wallets, checking balances, transaction records, real-time currency values, and support for displaying the value of digital assets in native currencies.

Also,  XToken supports sending and receiving cryptocurrencies through QR code scanning and monitoring transaction progress.

With careful consideration to security, the R&D team chose to develop the XToken wallet separately for iOS and Android using their native frameworks instead of an open, cross-platform framework.

The XToken development lead also stated that the careful development of their blockchain DApp browser is a crucial addition to the wallet.

This DApp browser is not only equipped with functions that other browsers generally provide but also allows users to receive payments and interact with Ethereum-based decentralized applications through the browser directly. In the future, the DApp browser will serve as an entry point for the XMAX ecosystem, displaying and recommending small applications that provide services based on the XMAX chain or pay with XMX tokens.

In the future, XToken will be used for many applications that support cryptocurrency payments. XMAX will provide developers with an SDK which allows them to easily support cryptocurrency transactions in their games. For example, users will be able to complete in-app purchases using cryptocurrency for items such as mounts, customs, and more.

The Launch of the XToken Wallet Paves the Way for XMAX Sidechain Technology

XMAX is developed based on the philosophy of being the most “implementable” public blockchain in the world, which is demonstrated in the range of scenarios it supports. The XToken wallet is the bridge connecting the chain in the cloud with the use cases on the ground.

The launch of the XToken Wallet is an important and necessary step in the implementation of the XMAX public chain. XMAX has invested great resources to independently develop wallets to provide end-user support. They will also undertake extra responsibilities for the implementation and promotion of practical blockchain technology applications in the future.

Levin, the lead XToken Wallet designer, believes that a convenient, portable, and affordable tool is required for access to the next-generation of blockchain applications ranging from from trading digital assets for online games , to organic food source tracing , and even identity verification. The best form of this tool is undoubtedly a mobile app, and the scenarios mentioned can be achieved using a DApp browser with a built-in wallet.

The beta launch of the XToken Wallet also paves the way for XMAX sidechain technology. The first XMAX sidechain is currently under development. Once the sidechain has been implemented, the XToken Wallet will provide cross-chain transactions with the XMAX sidechain. All sidechain transactions will be synchronized with the Ethereum blockchain, providing a public audit trail.

Sights Set on the HTML5 Web Wallet

Squall, head of the XToken R&D Department, said:

“At the beginning of the design phase, we investigated how users intended to use the wallet. Users generally have concerns about the wallet’s convenience and privacy, and many users hope to have an out-of-the-box web wallet.”

The web wallet is one of the next XMAX R&D key goals. The launch of XToken has laid a foundation for the HTML5 Web Wallet. In the future, the HTML5 Web Wallet will provide a breakthrough in functionality. Users will be able to create accounts, transfer funds, check balances, view transaction progress, and view their transaction records directly in their web browser.

The security of the web wallet will be of utmost importance to the development team. Levin, the wallet designer, revealed that the launch of the HTML5 Web Wallet would provide users with a dependable way to transact with cryptocurrencies online while protecting their private information. Sensitive data such as private keys and mnemonics (password recovery keywords) will not be displayed directly when new accounts are created through the web wallet.

Instead, users will first be asked to set a password, and the information will then be provided to users through an encrypted keystore. In addition, the web wallet will not store any sensitive information, whether it is a private key, mnemonic, or keystore file.

Users will be authorized by providing this information at each visit. All operations relating to user data will be performed locally in-browser without sending any sensitive information over the network. As such, the Web Wallet will provide an out-of-the-box wallet experience that is fast and secure.

Where can You Download the XToken Wallet?

The XToken wallet has debuted on iOS and requires version 10.0 or newer. It can be downloaded and installed easily from the Apple App Store. Search “XToken” in the App Store to download for your region.

The wallet follows Apple’s design philosophy, and users who are familiar with iOS-style apps will be able to get started quickly. Also, the development team has prepared a detailed user guide which can be viewed through the app or website at any time.


  • The beta version of the XToken Wallet can be downloaded from the Apple App Store exclude China mainland.
  • The XToken Wallet is still in beta. Problems found during the testing phase can be reported to [email protected].



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