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XMAX Successfully Held the Global Community Accelerated Camp and Global Captains Alliance Conference

July 13th, 2018 at 7:54 am UTC · 3 min read

Attendees got to learn about the history and experience the vision of the Three O’clock Community and XMAX.

XMAX community partner Sister S shared the original vision and future direction of the XMAX community. They showed the value of their community and how it can benefit from the teams of other companies. Their main strength lies in their ability to teach others how to use the XMAX platform and push for further development.

XMAX CEO Cheng Ye shared his insight into the blockchain sector of Japan.  Development of Japanese blockchain technology has been lagging. As projects begin to attract more attention, we will start to see more development and investment opportunities.

Three O’clock Community founder Yu Hong shared some of his recent community experiences in building a consensus engine. He believes that everyone has value, everyone is distributed, and consensus should be greater than selfish desires.

CEO Gao Yi shared some issues surrounding the social rewards system of the Saturn Network. Zhao, CEO of 11 Visa, stated that they wanted to use the XMAX ecosystem to solve tourist visa issues. CEO Zhao Dong, founder of DFUND, said that the blockchain can change how production systems are used.

With this in mind, we should stop worrying about the value of tokens and instead focus on the projects and token utility; blockchain technology will not simply disappear.

The blockchain industry is uncharted waters, and there is much still to learn. CEO Zhang Da explained that:

“MCS aims to solve the problem of inefficient mobile advertising, and to become a decentralized mobile advertising ecosystem”.

CEO Allen of BLING stated that, as part of the XMAX ecosystem, they will make sure everyone is considered equal in the blockchain industry. They will also advocate for everyone to obtain solid returns through sharing their own data.

As an open friend circle, BLING is going to be a project to watch going forward. Each user’s behaviors have a persona and value attached. By using BLING, sharing that behavior is classified as mining, and allows users to assign monetary value to their behavior.

DFUND fund partner Lao Ge believes that investment in blockchain has changed direction this year. Projects that have the capability to integrate industry resources with blockchain seems to be the new investment trend.

Hello World founder Brother Yu shared the practice and thinking of their community operations. He believes that the community can only be built on the theory of consensus. A strong community must meet the basic needs of core community members.

All participants took part in discussions during the XMAX “consensus, co-creation, sharing” group session. They collaborated on topics such as community operations management and incentives. The closing ceremony was hosted by Brother Yu and emerging producer and actress Victoria.

XMAX is committed to making everyone a blockchain superstar by sharing the information and insight of leaders in the industry. A community economy integrated with blockchain technology is open and transparent.

This openness can enhance enthusiasm to those already contributing to projects and to those who are just starting. This is the development trend of the community economy and it will promote the further development of the blockchain industry.