XRONOS is the First Aggregator of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain-Technologies.

Place/Date: - September 28th, 2017 at 10:48 am UTC · 3 min read
Source: XRONOS

XRONOS Mission lies in creation of truly decentralized, stable, mass-applied crypto circulating medium, which will accelerate the fiat money transformation into cryptocurrency, and will help to proceed from an outdated banking system to the new phase of the world economy evolution.

The system consists of three products (own blockchain, Wallet app and XRSS program). Together they form XRONOS cryptocurrency, stable to fiat money. Each of the products has its own unique features. All of these features make the project a breakthrough. The experts claim that XRONOS project is the next step in cryptocurrency evolution.

  • Blockchain XRONOS operates on the highest speed, it is self-optimizing and linearly scalable.
  • XRSS XRONOS Real-time Stabilization System — works by transparent rules, its operation is based on fully open sources, which allows everyone to predict ts behavior and to stay confident in the system’s reliability.
  • XRONOS Wallet differs from classical crypto-wallets, because of its lightness and the fact that the user does not need much space on his device.

All of the three products are fully completed and ready to be tested by the first users, who will take part in the Presale of the new cryptocurrency from 21 September to 21 October, 2017. For active growth at early stages and the following development, XRONOS has a pre-arranged period of speculative increase, divided into 4 stages. At each of the stages the coin is rising in price guaranteedly. This way the functionality of the system can be gradually updated, tested and expanded without any security risks.

The uniqueness of the project Presales and ICOs is in allocation of the funds: just 20% of the gathered funds at each stage will be spent on development of the cryptocurrency and its services, while the remaining 80% will guarantee the financial capacity of the coin. This will back its liquidity, refund guarantee and lower the risks for the first users of the system.

Period of exchange rate growth is divided into 4 so-called “Stabilization stages”:

  • Presale XPO, $2.15 per coin will last from 21 september to 21 october 2017;
  • ICO XPO, $3.50 per coin will last from 21 november to 21 december 2017;
  • Presale Globula, $10.75 per coin will held in march of 2018;
  • ICO Globula, $16.15 per coin will held in june of 2018.

After the emission of 21 million coins, XPO transforms into stable rate. By September 2017 its arithmetically planned cost will equal $21.53 for 1 XPO. Once the target values are reached (emission> 21,000,000 coins and a stable XPO rate), the percentages of the emission earnings distribution will change: 98% will go to the cryptocurrency basket, and only 2% will be spent in the Vertex Capital Management LTD favour, so the work on XRONOS and its motivating services can be continued.

As a result of XRONOS operation, the first truly stable cryptocurrency XPO will be created. Thus it will allow to open the gates of crypto-market to the real economy sector (B2B, B2C, C2C).