XRP and Notcoin Holders Catch the “Not To Be Missed” Raboo Wave, Fueling Market Excitement

June 13th, 2024 at 3:13 pm UTC · 4 min read

XRP and Notcoin Holders Catch the “Not To Be Missed” Raboo Wave, Fueling Market Excitement
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/Raboo/ – Everyone wants profits, and even the devout Ripple holders won’t mind a second opinion from an upcoming project. The lawsuit against the SEC has left Ripple (XRP) at a standstill, and a few of its traders are diversifying elsewhere. Notcoin (NOT) holders are also buying big into the new Raboo project–they don’t want to miss out on the next big thing in the crypto-verse!

Raboo ($RABT) is riding the wave of excitement rather well. Its presale is supposed to deliver 233% profits, and analysts have tipped $RABT tokens for a 100x spike once they get to top-tier exchanges.

There’s not much written in stone already, but Raboo is certainly the center of attraction now.

Ripple Holders Have to Make a Decision Soon

The SEC has been charging Ripple with sales of unregistered securities in 2020, and the legal battle has left XRP’s price unable to grow. The token is trading just under $0.50, with a 8% decline in the past week.

It’s just as the analysts predicted, as many experts said the lawsuit will be detrimental to Ripple’s growth. Development is still going on at a decent pace, with Ripple’s latest expansion in Japan and Korea, but none of it has nudged the XRP price in any direction. The court hearings have been held, both Ripple and the SEC have submitted their briefs, and all that’s left is a ruling.

The court’s decision would definitely decide where Ripple holders will be in the next month or so. However, Ripple has been mentioned in recent ETF debates, and XRP might recover rather quickly from the expected dip. Whatever the outcome, Ripple users will have to make a choice soon.

Some are already jumping ship anyway.

Notcoin Traders Don’t Want to Miss Out

The NOT launch in May was one of the month’s biggest events, apart from Ethereum’s ETF rumors. The token hit 100% gains merely days after its launch, and Notcoin hasn’t ceased to be in the spotlight ever since.

Even now, Notcoin traders are in the green despite Friday’s announcement from the US Labor department. There was an unexpected increase in non-farm jobs in May, and that resulted in a market-wide dip. Notcoin traders weren’t too worried about that, though, as the platform hit 40 million subscribers on Monday to much excitement.

That excitement has resulted in a 6% spike in Notcoin’s daily timeframe, and you could almost say the traders are spoiled for profits now. Yet, many NOT holders are also throwing their weight behind new projects in hopes of maximizing the market gains this year.

Raboo is one of those new projects, and here’s why both XRP and NOT holders want in on $RABT tokens.

Raboo, the Future of Meme Creation

Most meme coins come with pretty shallow protocols, featuring just memes and nothing more. Even then, the memes we get are so subpar that the meme coin sector seems to have lost its relevance altogether.

But Raboo is here to restore all of that and more. With Raboo’s plans for meme creation, the existing meme coins, even the top projects, will have to upgrade their operations, or they will be absorbed into the Raboo meme-verse. How, you ask? Well, that’s easy.

Raboo is using a generative AI program to revamp meme-making. But we don’t want AI-generated memes without the human kind of humour, so Raboo is taking its plans one step further by incentivizing users who contribute to the meme creation process.

So, as long as you post memeable content on your socials via the Post-to-earn feature on Raboo, the AI can scan through them to produce memes. With millions of users on the Raboo ecosystem, that’s one hell of a creative machine.

And your token rewards start from now, even before the tokens launch. All the more reason to get your $RABT tokens now!


The Raboo presale is in the fourth Stage, where each token is worth $0.0048 each. Analysts have tipped $RABT to make a 100x surge when it gets listed; buying and hodling while making the most of your $RABT tokens doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.


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