Yunding International Launches LTk3 JBO Ecological Application Public Chain

July 30th, 2020 at 9:31 am UTC · 2 min read

Yunding International is a legally licensed gambling operator in Malaysia, with more than 800 employees, mainly composed of Yunding International Hotel and Yunding International Resort. The total assets of the company are about $1.4 billion. Lin Wei, the director of Yunding International, has started a business in Malaysia for many years. He is a director of several gaming platforms, an experimental investor in blockchain technology and one of the main sponsors of Yunding International. Yunding International has a strong technical team and strategic consultant.

Yunding International Launches LTk3 JBO Ecological Application Public Chain

LTK3 public chain is one of the few public chain projects focusing on the commercial application of the gaming industry, paying more attention to data protection and security transparency, using blockchain decentralization to solve the trust authentication crisis of the gaming platform, and using intelligent legality to solve potential financial security risks. The birth of LTK3 token solved the pain point of gambling and applied the attribute of blockchain to solve the problem of capital flow.

LTK3 will solve the current blockchain universal payment, realize the existing gambling scene on the public chain and build a blockchain financial system. LTK3 token is produced by resonance block parameters, and will be circulated on the alliance gaming platform in half a year. The LTK3 token will be released and launched in August 2020, and the mobile APP will be launched. The launch of the global market is coming soon. The world has entered an unprecedented era of rapid economic transformation and development.

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