Zeepin Chain Devises Coherent Blockchain Solutions Boosting Creative Industries

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Zeepin Chain Devises Coherent Blockchain Solutions Boosting Creative Industries

Anchored to decentralization, Zeepin combats inefficiency using innovation to launch a borderless and transparent new economy with its own ZPT digital currency.

Albeit the summer 2018 comes to a close, the world of blockchain is taking a steady path delivering even more ambitious decentralized initiatives to a mass audience. On August 31st, the world-first customized platform Zeepin conceived to disrupt the creative industries will officially launch their mainnet.

The event is worth mentioning at least for two reasons. Technically, it signifies the transition of platform’s native currency ZPT from a NEP5 token to an independent coin, meanwhile the entire artistic community witnesses the fundamental first step in Zeepin’s intention to empower the brand-new creative economy. Using blockchain technology, Zeepin aims to provide artists, entrepreneurs, and creative enterprises with a full-service suite of dApps to support and sustain their vision from initial conception to ultimate realization.

Since the most valuable commodity of an artist is their ideas, Zeepin initially focuses on validating and protecting these ideas with copyright registration (ZeeRights), asset insurance (ZeeSure), and copyright verification (ZeeProof). According to the project’s roadmap, these three impressive dApps are merely the beginning, however. Further Zeepin is going to enable crowd-funding, staffing, and a creative asset marketplace.

In addition to the outlined dApps, Zeepin’s development team has capped off an incredibly productive quarter with the release of their blockchain powered game – CryptoGalaxy – as well as introducing their upcoming distributed data storage network – GalaCloud.

All in all, Zeepin took the decision to develop its own public blockchain to attract projects and businesses in creative and gaming industry to its blockhchain infrastructure and implement their business models, launch their own token.


Empowering the new creative economy with Zeepin’s comprehensive suite of dApps will require a tremendous amount of data storage. Zeepin has recently announced that in order to address this need as well as expand their market, they will launch GalaCloud, a distributed data storage cloud fueled by the GALA token.

Similar to the NEO smart economy, the Zeepin platform operates on a two-token system. ZPT is the native token and GALA is the fuel for the ecosystem. However, where purchasing more NEO is the only way to increase your rate of GAS generation, GALA can be earned by one of the Zeepin blockchain-based facilities: either hosting storage node on the GalaCloud or playing the CrypoGalaxy game.

Compared with traditional centralized data storage, Zeepin’s distributive cloud is autonomous, anonymous, tamper-proof, and fast. Users who host a node in the GalaCloud will be compensated with GALA, and clients who store data will pay for that storage in GALA.

To make hosting a node as easy as possible, Zeepin has designed their own distributed data storage miner – The GalaBox. All anyone needs to run a node is an internet connection, a hard drive, and a GalaBox. The miner is controlled via mobile app, and its preprogramed software allows aspiring node operators to set up and run a node with plug-and-play simplicity.

Moreover, due to the decentralized nature of the GalaCloud, data storage will cost only a fraction of what clients currently pay for traditional cloud services.


Playing the world’s first virtual universe powered by blockchain is another feasible way to get powerful GALA token. Explorers of the CryptoGalaxy can purchase their own planets with GALA, or mine planets for minerals that can be converted into GALA.

The game has a built-in wallet that currently allows for the deposit of ZPT and GALA. From August 10th to December 31st, Zeepin sets a daily giveaway of 150,000 GALA to users holding ZPT in the CryptoGalaxy wallet. Future updates will allow explorers to venture forth and discover new planets, trade their planets with others, and upgrade their bots to produce more minerals.

Yet Zeepin does not stop there. To celebrate their mainnet launch and reward early adopters, Zeepin is giving away 10,000 GalaBox mining machines, which function as the storage nodes within GalaCloud network. All anyone needs to do in order to obtain a GalaBox is lockup approximately 5,000 ZPT for 18 months.

The first round of GalaBox giveaway has just been completed and more than 500 boxes were already reserved. However, investors still have an extraordinary opportunity to begin running a data storage node on the GalaCloud with very little money down. The second round is to begin on August 16 whereas ZPT is currently traded for $0.037 USD per unit.

At The Forefront Of Innovation

Worldwide, the creative industries generate trillions of dollars of revenue per year. However, despite this economic magnitude, growth and innovation have been hampered by outdated paradigms and inefficient centralized systems.

Zeepin is perfectly positioned to disrupt the creative industries and usher in the new creative economy, one that benefits artists and entrepreneurs as well as small and medium enterprises. The Zeepin mainnet and the introduction of GalaCloud are truly just the beginning.  A revolution is building within the creative industries, and Zeepin is opening the doors for anyone to join.

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