Zoomex Organizes a Trading Competition with a $100,000 USDT Maximum Prize Pool

April 21st, 2022 at 12:42 pm UTC · 3 min read

Zoomex Organizes a Trading Competition with a $100,000 USDT Maximum Prize Pool
Photo: Zoomex

Zoomex trading platform will organize its first trading competition with a maximum prize pool of $100,000 USDT. The competition registration period is from April 7th to April 26th. Zoomex offers one great referral campaign for its users, except for the trading competition.

Zoomex’s 1st Trading Competition

Zoomex offers a maximum prize pool of $100,000 USDT within the first trading competition they launch. After successfully registering for the competition, participants can get a $10 trading bonus if they meet the trading volume of 30,000 USDT before the end of the competition. The bonus will be distributed to the participating account seven days after the competition ends.

The competition schedule is the following:

  • Competition registration period: April 7th 10am – April 26th 10am (UTC)
  • Competition Period: April 14th, 10 am – April 30th, 10 am (UTC)
  • Prize payment: scheduled to be paid before May 10

Zoomex Referral Campaign

Zoomex also offers one extensive referral campaign for our users, except for trading competition.

If users invite their friends to Zoomex, they will receive $40 in USDT with the Refer-to-Earn program for each qualified referral. Moreover,  the user’s friends will also receive $40 in USDT. Referral Event starts on April 1st, 2022, and lasts until April 30th, 2022.

Benefits of Using Zoomex

Zoomex guarantees the safety of its customers’ assets by creating a trading environment with a unique security system. The platform prioritizes the trust of its customers and guarantees the exchange’s honest and transparent operation. Also, it uses the best multi-signature security system and cold and hot wallet system to protect the customers’ assets.

Zoomex always takes the lead in the finance industry, even in the changing market.

It supports USDT perpetual & Inverse Perpetual contract trading. They also support over 50 types of altcoin trading pairs, including USDT and BTC trading pairs, to provide customers with various trading environments.

The Zoomex platform provides 24 hours deposit and withdrawal service to ensure a customer-friendly trading environment. It enables them to deposit and withdraw their assets anytime they want, enhancing the trading environment.

The platform aims to have comfortable and convenient trading experiences, improving customers’ trading satisfaction. That’s why it has an interface that customers can easily recognize.

Who Is Zoomex

Zoomex exchange, established in 2021 in Singapore, is a cryptocurrency trading platform equipped with high-tech blockchain technology that offers customer-oriented services. They believe this technology will prosper and increase the value of assets.

The platform strives to protect its customers’ assets and provide the best online trading service in the changing cryptocurrency market under their safety, trust, and creation values.

Currently, Zoomex holds US MSB License and Canada MSB License.

Contact for More

For joining the Zoomex community, you can access the official Zoomex website. Also, you can join the trading competition by clicking here, and if you are interested in inviting your friends and getting the referral bonuses, you can use this link.