Mark Zuckerberg Is Exploring AI as Vital Proponent of Metaverse

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Mark Zuckerberg Is Exploring AI as Vital Proponent of Metaverse
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Zuckerberg described basic AI functionality in the metaverse and suggested that several related projects are in the works.

Meta Platforms (NASDAQ: FB) founder Mark Zuckerberg recently unveiled a slew of ambitious artificial intelligence (AI) projects designed to enhance the emerging metaverse. According to the CEO, chairman, and controlling shareholder of the Facebook parent company, AI is “the key to unlocking the metaverse”.

In a live streaming session, the outspoken billionaire demonstrated creating a basic virtual world. Using Builder Bot, an AI feature, Zuckerberg implanted trees, a beach, and an island into a custom virtual environment. The Facebook founder explained that Builder Bot was part of Meta’s CAIRaoke project to improve AI assistants. In addition, the design supports AI interaction with the world based on relative experiences via headsets or glasses. Zuckerberg added that in addition to the Bot feature, his team was also developing a universal speech translator. He capped this off by saying, “The ability to communicate with anyone in any language is a superpower that was dreamt of forever.”

Red Flags Raised on Meta’s Metaverse

According to Zuckerberg, the metaverse will succeed the mobile internet. The virtual environment will be a veritable hunting ground where users can interface by working, socializing, and playing. He also moved to assuage some concerns that people may harbor concerning personal data handling by metaverse service providers.

According to Zuckerberg, the AI systems that power Meta’s virtual worlds will be transparent, responsible, and also preserve user privacy. However, one of the company’s earliest investors Roger McNamee begs to see things differently. In a media session, McNamee stated that Meta should not be allowed to create what he calls a “dystopian” metaverse. McNamee worries that Facebook has previously failed to keep user data private or prevent misinformation and hate speech.

Zuckerberg Has Been Actively Looking Towards AI Development as a Core Element of The Metaverse

Facebook has been investing in AI and its paraphernalia for the past decade. In fact, the social media giant currently has industry expert and French computer scientist Yann LeCun, helming its AI unit. Last month, the Meta company announced the development of a new AI supercomputer. According to reports, upon completion in mid-2022, this product will be the fastest of its kind.

Zuckerberg also revealed that Meta was working on egocentric data, essentially worlds from a first-person perspective. According to Zuckerberg, Meta assembled a global consortium of 13 universities and labs to work on Ego4D, the largest-ever egocentric dataset.

Back in October last year, Facebook changed its corporate name to Meta Platforms Inc to reflect its commitment to enhancing the metaverse. Earlier this year, the social media giant recently lost a sizable chunk of its market value following an underwhelming quarterly earnings report. Furthermore, Meta reported a 2021 net loss of $10.2 billion from its Reality Labs specializing in augmented and virtual reality.

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