This 12-Year Old’s NFT Collection Raises Staggering $5M in Three Weeks

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This 12-Year Old’s NFT Collection Raises Staggering $5M in Three Weeks
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Working for Boring Bananas, 12-year-old kid Benyamin Ahmed created the Non-fungible Heroes (NFH) collection featuring a total of 8,888 comic book-esque characters.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have created a massive buzz in the crypto space, so much so that even 12-year-old coders are jumping into it. Benyamin Ahmed is one such 12-year-old kid who’s earning a big name for himself recently.

During the NFT summer boom, 12-year-old Ahmed unleashed two new NFT projects that earned him $400,000 in just two months. One of the popular ones was Weird Whales. Citing some early success in this space, Ahmed later partnered with Boring Bananas co. to create an NFT collection dubbed Non-Fungible Heroes.

This collection features a total of 8,888 comic book-esque characters. The Non-Fungible Heroes (NFH) feature characters of heroes, villains, and gods with their own storyline. Speaking to CNBC, Ahmed said that they were designed by former Disney, Marvel and Nickelodeon artists who have now become part of the NFH team.

Launched last month on September 18, the entire collection sold out in just 12 minutes. As per data on Dune Analytics, this collection has fetched more than $5 million in sales so far. The entire sale happened on the Etheruem-based NFT marketplace dubbed OpenSea.

“It was a crazy adrenaline rush. You really never know how popular your product is until you let the public at it,” Ahmed said.

12-Year Old Ahmed Works as a Developer

Ahmed has been working as one of the lead developers of the team. His role also focused on offering technical support like answering queries in the Discord group.

Working with his web developer father Imran, Ahmed has been active in creating the project’s smart contracts and web applications. He added:

“I have been working closely with the NFH team since the beginning. The Weird Whales community has taught me a lot about what works and doesn’t work, and so I brought the experiences I had there with me.”

While Ahmed didn’t disclose the exact proceeds of the sale, he stated that he received a few percentages. The NFH project’s goal is to build “the first NFT project to make it to a theater near you”. Ahmed said that this project isn’t something like a “quick cash grab” for him.

“We’re building something that we believe is going to have the potential to disrupt the entire media and entertainment industry,” he added. “It is a crowdsourced, real-time, incredible example of how the power of Web3.0 can impact the media and entertainment industry”.

The NFH team said that most of the revenue coming from the business will go towards business growth and the property. Big players of the media and entertainment space have been unlocking major use-cases for NFTs. Even giants like TikTok have announced their first creator-led NFT collection TikTok top Moments.

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