At 2018 Global Graphene Developer Conference, OpenLedger ApS lays out their vision for the future of BitShares

Place/Date: Copenhagen, Denmark - May 8th, 2018 at 11:26 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Mihail Romanovsky, CMO, Source: OpenLedger

The 2018 Global Graphene Developer Conference, in Shanghai, ran from May 5 to 6. OpenLedger ApS CEO Ronny Boesing laid out his vision for the future of the BitShares blockchain to an audience of Graphene and other blockchain developers, users and enthusiasts, and showed how OpenLedger and its partners will continue to contribute.

OpenLedger ApS CEO Ronny Boesing stated:

“We can trade peer to peer anywhere in the world in a few seconds. We’ve got capacity for every existing exchange to become a member of our network, treating their own customers to the combined market depth of all exchanges on a shared transparent ledger”

OpenLedger ApS has been a proud contributor to the BitShares community since its inception; CEO Ronny Boesing created the platform in partnership with Graphene developer and originator Dan Larimer.

At the 2018 Graphene Developer Conference, organized at the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel in Shanghai Pudong New Area by BlockGeek and GDEX, speakers from OracleChain, Cryptonomex, CrypViser, YOYOW, Scorum, Decent, Gravity Protocol and others came together to discuss the future development of Graphene-based tools, services and products.

On the Blockchain of the Future, OpenLedger eyes UX and Mobile

OpenLedger ApS has devoted considerable effort to delivering ease of use and accessibility to its business users, based on the experience of the non-blockchain web.

At the same time, the company has built the back end of their core OpenLedger DEX rapidly, bringing fiat, tokens and an ever-increasing number of gateways as well as UX improvements to the DEX via a custom user interface.

Confidence is high in the underlying technology, and OpenLedger’s development team plans to capitalize on that with a raft of improvements to their products aimed at delivering a full range of functionality to business users, and allowing them to pass that on to their end users.

At the conference, Mr. Boesing pointed to previous OpenLedger achievements on the BitShares scene, like ERC20 token support and an unusually wide range of language versions, as well as reveal details of improvements including native mobile apps, a new user-friendly interface and a bridge for instant exchange launch, as well as security upgrades.

OpenLedger and Aetsoft: A match made in HTP

The Belarus Hi-Tech Park offers incredible opportunities to the new partnership between Danish startup OpenLedger ApS and veteran blockchain business Aetsoft. It’s the first blockchain-only company to join the Park’s 200+ businesses that together turn over $1.1bn annually, making the HTP a global symbol of Belarus’ confidence in its booming tech sector.

Another sign of confidence in a tech-oriented economic future is the unique regulatory environment established by Decree #8: Crypto activities are tax free, while exchange services, initial coin offerings, smart contracts and mining operations are all legalized, making HTP a natural focal point for the future of blockchain.

Before an audience of his peers, Mr Boesing delivered a detailed vision of OpenLedger’s part in that future on Saturday.

About OpenLedger ApS

Supporting a full ecosystem of blockchain services for businesses including a decentralized exchange, custom blockchain development and blockchain project marketing support, OpenLedger ApS is a Danish startup founded and headed by CEO Ronny Boesing.

Since founding the company in 2015, Mr Boesing has been building out the full ecosystem of OpenLedger blockchain-based services, working with a team of experienced blockchain developers, business and marketing experts and legal and support staff based in Pandrup, Denmark and Minsk, Belarus.

He attributes OpenLedger ApS’s successes to a focus on users and community, and points to the success of the OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange, a Demand-Side Platform focused on crypto audiences and the company’s Crowdfunding Services.

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