5 Best Metaverse Projects to Look Out For in July 2022

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5 Best Metaverse Projects to Look Out For in July 2022
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Here is a list of five investment-worthy metaverse crypto projects in July.

Metaverse has transitioned from a mere buzzword to a major topic in the media space: Social Media, the news, and elsewhere. Its skyrocketing popularity is also boosted by words of mouth propagated by existing users.

Although it is yet to attain mainstream status, the technology has been impressively adopted by crypto investors who see and appreciate its impressive features and money-making opportunities it offers.

This has given rise to $LONIA, a metaverse coin that crypto investors may consider in 2022. It is a utility token

Meta, a leading technology company, is investing heavily in Metaverse. In alignment with its passion and vision, the company which was initially known as Facebook was renamed as it considered the metaverse the future of technology. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are important to realizing its mission.

Play-to-earn (P2E) gaming models, metaverse, and Web3 projects can potentially revolutionize people’s perspective of value creation while interacting through the virtual world. They can open the way for investors to own digital assets and in-game monetization that can revolutionize many industries.

Here is a list of five investment-worthy metaverse crypto projects in July.

Otherside by BAYC

This is a full-fledged virtual world connected to the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) ecosystem as an open MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). The Otherside isn’t a regular metaverse or BAYC’s extension. Rather, it will offer a memorable experience for swift movement between metaverses.


This is a community-driven, Cardano Blockchain-based metaverse and VR project. It offers users a platform to acquire land, virtual 3D NFT avatars, and participate in reward-offering events.

Cardalonia hopes to make the $LONIA token the metaverse’s major currency and change the Cardano NFT system. $LONIA is its utility token and the ecosystem’s native currency.

$LONIA token holders are empowered by the token to vote on important issues that may impact the ecosystem. When a holder’s stake key appears on the staking leaderboard, he or she is eligible for an ambassadorial position.

The token is at the presale stage now and some Cardano experts are excited about it, thanks to its utility and innovative characteristics.

Join the presale between July 5, 2022, and buy the $LONIA token. You have 45 days window to invest in the token before it reaches the hard cap.

The token is currently available for prospective investors at 1 ADA = 12$LONIA and the presale is open to investors via this link. Investors are advised to visit the presale page and buy the token before it hits the hard cap.


The Pavia metaverse is a Cardano-based, community-owned, virtual real estate world that boasts thousands of land minted by investors. Each land parcel costs a non-fungible token (NFT). Digital ownership of the digital asset is transferred to the investors.

The Pavia Metaverse comprises sand, land, mountains, deep sea, forest areas, and more. Ownership is as a Cardano NFT. Besides the owned land parcels that are available for investors’ personal uses, other areas are designated for socializing and other public uses.


Eikonikos is a community-owned open-world metaverse with web3 developers, followers, and other members of the growing community as owners. Angel investors have invested $2m in this Dubai-based project.

The project will soon start issuing Genesis Passports NFTs.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox has been impressive so far. Its native token, SAND, has consistently appreciated throughout 2021. It crossed the $1 mark towards the tail end of the year.

It is a game supported by gaming brands such as Atari that can help it to survive the bear market. Gamers can use the SAND token to create NFTs. The Ethereum-based crypto project has 3 billion tokens and 1.24 billion are already in use. The limited coin supply makes it another project to look forward to this month. As of June 16, 2022, its market cap was $1.07 billion.


The best metaverse cryptocurrency projects you may look forward to in July 2022 are listed above. We have highlighted their huge potential while exploring their features.

Considering its impressive Tokenomics and roadmap, Cardalonia may be the best metaverse crypto in 2022. That’s in addition to its decentralized nature that works perfectly with the Cardano ecosystem’s fundamentals and values.

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