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Journey from Digital to Physical: 9 NFT Galleries You Can Physically Visit in 2021

UTC by Gladis Monteiro · 5 min read
Journey from Digital to Physical: 9 NFT Galleries You Can Physically Visit in 2021
Photo: KIWIE / Twitter

The NFT craze just keeps getting better. If you have already visited the NFT Metaverse, now is the time to become physical witnesses to these NFT exhibitions and galleries. 

Across the USA, Russia, Europe and Australia, several physical NFT galleries are emerging. If you are an NFT enthusiast, you should check out these novel art galleries. With vaccinations rolled out across countries, the restrictions put by the pandemic are slowly taking a backseat thus giving you the perfect opportunity to set out on your NFT adventure.

Before we go ahead and list down the 9 popular choices to visit, let’s recap our understanding of what exactly is an NFT. In simple words, these non-fungible tokens store digital data whose authenticity as well as ownership are defined by the blockchain technology used in their creation. Each token is unique to the digital data it stores and is not interchangeable like the regular currency.

Here are the 9 most popular galleries to visit this year.

The Museum of Art and Philosophy in Australia

With their 1st exhibition organized at 7 Campbell Street, Hobart, Australia from 16-22 June, the Museum of Art and Philosophy is the second physical NFT gallery across the world only after New York’s Superchief Gallery that opened its doors in March 2021. The gallery would put on exhibition the work of artists covered in the Museum’s print magazines – New Philosopher and Womankind. This opening would be a one of a kind event as it also coincides with the Dark Mofo Festival.

Underground Museum in Russia

The Underground Museum is located in the Russian city of Moscow in the beautiful backdrop of Zaryadye Park. Though the museum won’t be putting up NFT-specific exhibitions, one can find the artwork of a few NFT artists as part of their regular exhibitions that put on display the art of contemporary artists from Russia.

Hermitage Museum in Russia

The world-renowned and second-largest art museum in the globe, Hermitage Museum, has announced that it will be organizing an exhibition to display NFT art. The purpose of the Museum is not just to put these works of art on display, but also to research and understand the relevance of NFTs and their effect on traditional control mechanisms like copyright and patents through seminars.

Kiwie Space in Latvia

Kiwie 1001 that uses NFT to create owners of unclaimed street art is hosting a physical showroom called ‘Kiwie Space’ for displaying NFT art forms. The showroom set up in a shopping mall “Galeria Centrs” in Latvia will showcase works of up and coming NFT artists who get voted by the KIWIE 1001 community

Francisco Carolinum Linz in Austria

The Francisco Carolinum Linz is a treasure house filled with modern and contemporary Austrian art. It has planned a specific exhibition for educating and entertaining people with all that exists about the NFT world. The “Proof of Art” exhibition has already begun on June 11 and will continue till the 15th of September. To know more about NFTs and their technology, impact and relevance, you can also visit the online Museum that Francisco Carolinum Linz has created using Ethereum-based Cryptovoxels.

Museum of Modern African Art in Netherlands

If you want to check out the portraits of African kings and queens owned and managed through NFTs, you just have 4 days up to 18th June. The museum’s Modern African Art Exhibition will put on display the works of The Portraitist, from his Kings & Queens Collection, which has pushed African art further into the digital medium through the minting of the 2 African kings, King Letsie III and King Mswati III on the blockchain.

Blackdove in Florida

Miami’s Blackdove gallery will be inviting over 50 international NFT artists putting on display over hundreds of NFT digital art. The Blackdove gallery also enables enthusiasts to enjoy these digital art forms on their TV through the Blackdove NFT Display App. In addition to the viewing experience, the gallery would also make it possible for visitors to buy an NFT at the exhibition and own these NFT pieces of art.

imnotArt in Illinois

The creators of imnotArt metaverse have come down on the Chicago streets to offer NFT enthusiasts a never seen experience through their first NFT gallery. This novel initiative to merge elements of the physical world with Metaverse will be exciting for the city’s NFT fans. imnotArt will attract many visitors due to its famed online gallery and community space built by two NFT collectors and aficionados, Matt Schapiro and Chase McCaskill.

Bright Moments in California

Art lovers and artists are no strangers to the popularity of Venice Beach in Los Angeles. The Bright Moments NFT Gallery is an initiative to take the common man into the world of NFTs through a pop-up gallery that will be displaying a plethora of crypto art available on digital asset marketplaces, SuperRare or Rarible. To educate the visitors, the NFTs would have a QR code that will inform them about the piece in display and also other art forms from the creator. The event would shed light on the increasing popularity of NFTs thus assuming roles of both an educator and entertainer.

While last week these non-fungible tokens were being redeemed for a launch with FTX’s founder Sam Bankman-Fried, now you can witness the NFT digital as well as physical art in person. NFT virtual art galleries are already a thing now like the Museum of Crypto Art, but these in-person crypto art galleries will provide a novel experience. In addition to art exhibitions, the galleries will also organize speeches, shows and other special events for the visitors. Top NFT artists would be showcasing their art through the exhibitions in these galleries.

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