AAPL Stock Rises 0.35% in Pre-market, Apple Macs Will Feature Chips Built In-House by 2021

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AAPL Stock Rises 0.35% in Pre-market, Apple Macs Will Feature Chips Built In-House by 2021
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Apple plans to release its Mac with its in-house Apple chips which will replace the current Intel processors. Apple is likely to feature its flagship products with 12-core SOCs. AAPL stock is up in the pre-market.

Undeterred by the current market conditions, Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) is all set to make some big moves in 2021. As per a Bloomberg report, Apple plans to sell its Mac computers featuring chips built in-house. As per the person familiar with the matter, Apple will rely on designs that helped them popularize the iPhone and iPad.

Meanwhile, AAPL stock is slightly up in the pre-market. It is at $276 (+0,35%). Yesterday, the stock price was falling. It closed at $275.03 (-0.39%).

Chips by Apple

There’s been a long going talk that Apple has already been planning to replace Intel‘s CPU and GPUs from the Mac PCs. However, information regarding the chips from Apple has remained elusive so far. Bloomberg‘s report states that the Cupertino-based tech giant is working on three different Mac processors.

Dubbed as the System-on-Chip (SoC) the first processor will be much faster used in the next flagship iPhone and iPad. Apple shall be releasing at least one Mac with the new processors by next year, said the sources. Gradually, Apple will work on transitioning completely from the Intel chipsets.

The first Apple-branded microprocessors will feature eight high-performance cores, with four energy-efficient cores. Reportedly, Apple can also build microprocessors with more than 12 cores in the future.

Many call this move as part of Apple’s long-term strategy. Earlier before 2006, Apple used PowerPC processors in its Mac. Later, it switched to the Intel processors which changed the game for Apple. The Cupertino-based tech giant became popular for delivering some of the most powerful PCs in the world.

Apple (AAPL) Stock Remains on the Radar of Investors

Having reached nearly $1.5 trillion valuations in early 2020, Apple stock lost nearly 30% in this market correction. From over $320 levels, the AAPL stock crashed to below $230 levels. Apple stock corrected significantly since its supply has been largely disrupted with China announcing shut down on account of the Coronavirus outbreak in February.

Since a majority of Apple’s manufactured devices come from China, it’s earnings have taken a hit. But Apple has managed to significantly pull-back from its lows. Some analysts say that Apple is still a good buy for long-term investors looking at its business plans ahead.

One of the major reasons for Apple to shine again is its strong footprints on some of the fastest-growing segments in the future. This includes sectors like wearables, home, services, and accessories. These segments have seen explosive growth recently and can continue to deliver further.

Apple is also putting a huge investment in uplifting its services through Apple Music, Apple TV, and other streaming services. The tech giant has a good grip over the consumer demand and has managed to tune itself accordingly. this year, Apple is likely to put a huge focus on its 5G flagship iPhones.

“From a 5G perspective, there will be a U.S. and non-U.S. version introduced. The U.S. version will likely have mmWave technology, which does complicate the production timeline and also could see many units potentially shift to the March quarter vs. the December quarter,” said Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives.

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