AAPL Stock Up 1% Now, 37 Apple Stores in U.S. and Canada Set to Reopen

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AAPL Stock Up 1% Now, 37 Apple Stores in U.S. and Canada Set to Reopen
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Apple plans to reopen more stores in the U.S and Canada. Customers and employees would be put under strict health checks. Today in the pre-market, AAPL stock is rising.

Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) has said that it will reopen 25 stores in the U.S and another 12 in Canada, this week. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Apple had closed its stores. It was a way of preventing the spread, as the company followed health guidelines. Globally, over 100 stores have now reopened, and Apple’s stock is slowly rising.

Apple Stores Add Safety Guidelines

Before entering any of the stores, customers must either be with a face mask or accept one from the store. Customers must also go through compulsory temperature checks, to detect sick people and possible carriers. Employees will also go through similar checks.

U.S. Apple stores that will reopen locations include Hawaii, Washington, California, Arkansas, Florida, Oklahoma and Colorado. Some of these stores will allow customers to come in, while some will only provide curbside services.

Addressing customers in a letter, Apple’s senior vice-president for retail and people, Deirdre O’Brien, emphasized Apple’s commitment to giving customers quality services. O’Brien also ensured that the stores would make sure that people are safe throughout their visit.

” In every store, we’re focused on limiting occupancy and giving everybody lots of room, and renewing our focus on one‑on‑one, personalized service at the Genius Bar and throughout the store.”

Apple’s decision to reopen a store does not rule out the possibility of closing it again. If local conditions get worse, stores Apple will close stores again. O’Brien continued:

”Our commitment is to only move forward with a reopening once we’re confident we can safely return to serving customers from our stores. We look at every available piece of data — including local cases, near and long‑term trends, and guidance from national and local health officials. These are not decisions we rush into — and a store opening in no way means that we won’t take the preventative step of closing it again should local conditions warrant.”

Apple was one of the first companies that closed its stores in China and other countries, in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic.

Apple (AAPL) Stock

Currently with a $313.27 premarket value, Apple (AAPL) stock has climbed 1.72% from its previous close at $307.71. Apple has had a rough time because of the coronavirus pandemic but is still relatively healthy in the long term. In the last three months, AAPL has lost over 5%, with year-to-date gains of 4.79%. However, in the last 12 months, it’s still up more than 68%.

Difficult Days Ahead?

As Apple starts to regain some normalcy, O’Brien has added that there might be challenges ahead. He, however, assures customers that all will be well.

“The response to COVID‑19 is still ongoing, and we recognize that the road back will have its twists and turns. But whatever challenges lie ahead, COVID‑19 has only reinforced our faith in people — in our teams, in our customers, in our communities…At Apple, we plan to carry those values forward, and we will always put the health and safety of our customers and teams above all else,” added he.

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