Adaptive Store of Value is New Option for HODLers as Bittrex Looks to List Ndau

March 6th, 2021 at 10:56 am UTC · 2 min read

An adaptive digital currency might soon prove to be the boon most investors in the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets need. There has long been a gap for a true store of value in the space since Bitcoin and others were not explicitly designed for these purposes. 

A new option, ndau, is set to be listed on the popular Bittrex exchange. The digital asset sits in this category all by its own. It keeps a relatively stable price action without missing out on the overall value of the cryptocurrency markets. Once listed, traders will have access to a store of value that is not affected by volatility. 

Interestingly, ndau does not use a peg as a stability mechanism. The way ndau works is that it counts on built-in economic structures that are in charge of pacing its price. New ndau is only issued once market demand is higher than supply. Likewise, the system uses an escalating burn fee that smooths out downward volatility.

Adaptive Store of Value is New Option for HODLers as Bittrex Looks to List Ndau

Ndau’s design makes sure that other important factors such as scalability and interoperability are present. The digital asset counts on a consensus algorithm which makes it much more scalable than the most popular blockchain networks.

Perhaps the most appealing feature for long-term holders is ndau’s staking program. Users are able to stake their funds and receive up to 15 percent in yearly bonuses over the course of three years. Different from other popular staking programs, ndau allows holders to do so from their own wallets, without the need for other services.

Altogether, these properties make ndau an excellent store of value. It represents a change in the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets with the introduction of an asset that can be held alongside other major cryptocurrencies as a store of value but is not subject to the same volatility. The asset, which is currently priced above $16 with a market capitalization of over $80 million, is now set to be exposed to Bittrex’s half-billion daily trading volume.



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