AdHive Believes in ICOs for AdTech Blockchain Projects

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AdHive Believes in ICOs for AdTech Blockchain Projects
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Estonian-based startup AdHive looks to leverage ICOs for AdTech projects, believing that its potential profit is much higher in this sector than in any other.

The promising advertising startup AdHive believes that connecting advertising technology (AdTech) with financial technology (FinTech) can be mutually beneficial. The startup proves its vision by implementing an advertising platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, within which payments can be made via smart contracts.

AdHive’s initial goal is to develop an advertising tool for influencer marketing and advertising. This form of marketing, which implies trendsetters’ opportunity to influence people’s minds in order to promote some product or service, is becoming more and more popular nowadays, as people tend to believe celebrities rather than traditional adds.

The main thing that AdHive is focused on in terms of connecting adtech with the blockchain is the ICO and its profit potential that seems to be much higher than with projects in other fields or industries.

AdTech ICOs are already more profitable than their counterparts based on blockchain projects in other industries, which proves the company’s vision. A large percentage of AdTech ventures and ICOs around the world are based in the US, which makes the idea of being an AdTech blockchain project an advantageous quality to have.

According to ICOWatchList, the US stands for about 20% of all ICOs in the world, the UK stands for 11%, and Russia stands for 10%. The AdTech market has also been largely segmented with the US leading with 39% of ICOs.

As Dmitry Malyanov, Co-Founder of AdHive, has explained:

“Many in the ICO industry are fighting an ongoing battle with the competitive profitability factor of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The average income of AdTech versus the yield of Bitcoin is considerably higher. Such growth was achieved thanks to projects like Snovio, AdEx and Viuly. As is evident, AdTech projects on average grow far faster than Bitcoin, thus producing greater profitability yields.”

According to the data dynamics, the largest growth in the AdTech sector could be observed during the last financial quarter of 2017. Only in October the number of ICO launches exceeded the amount of all the previous 9 months combined. Before the last quarter of 2017, the ICOs in the AdTech industry showed a little success, but the situation had changed very fast. Now, AdTech ICOs turn out to be even much more successful than those of other industries.

The AdHive platform is based on the highly vetted and tested Ethereum blockchain, leveraging the advantage of its smart contracts to automate and facilitate the advertising process. The startup calles its project as the “first AI-controlled influencer marketing platform”. The project is focused on leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for both improving marketing outcomes and promoting brands’ products and services with the help of influential people.

The term “influencer” includes media personalities, celebrities and others able to impact people’s vision in terms of buying some products and services. Considering their relevance to our digital world, their high importance for modern advertising proves the AdHive platform’s usefulness.

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