FriendUp Launches TGE, Meeting Norwegian Values of Ethical Business and Transparency

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read

FriendUP, the world’s first open source virtual cloud computer designed specifically for Blockchain technologies, has launched the pre-sale of its TGE.

Norwegian tech firm FriendUP, which works on building the world’s first open source and decentralized cloud computer network, will launch the first ever token sale based out of its country.

The Friend Software Corporation, the same tech-savvy people behind the Friend Unifying Platform (Friend), has recently announced it was working very closely with state authorities in Norway, alongside one of the leading banks there, to formulate plans for a Token Generation Event (TGE) that will represent a historic Blockchain-based crowdfunding event for the company.

Friend will be fully compliant with Norway’s strictest measures in corporate governance and the most rigorous measures applied for transparency and integrity. In fact, Friend is pleased to be working under such uncompromising circumstances, as these values completely meet the company’s own vision of a fully transparent and open source cloud computing project.

The Friend Unifying Platform (Friend) offers the world’s first open source virtual cloud computer designed specifically for Blockchain technologies and fully supporting its concepts of decentralization and cryptographic security.

Friend will harmonize all applications under one roof, where both modern blockchain, web and legacy apps can interact with each other in a thriving ecosystem. It is an instant access, full feature, virtual cloud computer that anyone can plug into and use immediately. With an extensive stack, users can look forward to client side integration and deploying virtual computers at zero cost.

Many enterprises are already using Friend for deploying apps on Windows operating systems across diverse geographies and devices in a much quicker and much cheaper manner. Now they look forward to even more developments.

Friend represents itself a social benefit project seeking to achieve commercial success, while benefiting the entire user community. Freeing individuals from the centralized structures created by a dependence on vendors and devices, Friend provides users with its five pillars of principled use: freedom, intelligence, empowerment, privacy and integration. Thus, users are free to break away from the limitations of the past and embrace the ever-growing future introduced by blockchain technology.

Developers themselves will gain more control over their deployments, with the ability to integrate seamlessly with all blockchain-based decentralized platforms, such as Ethereum, to combine into the Friend Network cloud infrastructure, where control and ownership remain for all participants, and all interactions are incentivized via a tokenized model.

The FriendUP TGE is open to all innovators, developers, entrepreneurs and crypto enthusiasts. The pre-sale registration is now open for application. As a sign of gratitude, all contributors participating in the pre-sale will benefit from a 20% bonus on top of regular purchases of tokens. Shaping the future of computing, Friend invites technology enthusiasts, developers, futurists and innovators to join their TGE.

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