AdHive Has Listed ADH Token on QRYPTOS Exchange, Ready to Be Added to HitBTC on April 17th

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read
AdHive Has Listed ADH Token on QRYPTOS Exchange, Ready to Be Added to HitBTC on April 17th
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AdHive, the first platform that fully automates ad placement with influencers, is happy to announce that in April 2018 ADH token will be listed on two major cryptocurrency exchanges.

The primary goal of the innovative blockchain-based AdHive platform is to improve the organic networks of social influencers by facilitating the creation and scaling of marketing strategies and enhancing monetization. And so far it has reached significant progress towards achieving its disruptive mission.

Last month, the platform was reported to sign an important deal with BitReward, a blockchain-based rewards and loyalty system for e-commerce businesses. In accordance with the partnership plan, BitRewards gave AdHive access to thousands of e-commerce businesses connected to the BitRewards platform that is anticipated almost 5,000 users to be connected by 2021. Clear enough this opens up a wide range of opportunities for working with large advertisers and brands that are interested in a high-tech solution from AdHive.

However, since AdHive ecosystem operates on its own ADH token that is used to execute all transactions at AdHive, including payments for additional services, for the platform it becomes crucial to maintain token’s demand as high as possible in order to expand further adaptation and attract the inflow of new participants.

AdHive was seeking to add its token to the terminals of cryptocurrency exchanges whereas the listing comes in line with AdHive’s plans to support liquidity of the ADH token.

Dmitry Malyanov, AdHive project’s developer and co-founder, comments:

“Our core intention is to facilitate AdHive internal billing, payment and other token transition procedures, and listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges will help advertisers and other product users to gain easy and fast access to the token.”

ADH token will be listed on two quickly developing exchanges, HitBTC and QRYPTOS. HitBTC is rated on 17th position in the global rank of trading platforms, with 532 coins and tokens listed and over $100M  estimated in daily trading volumes. For ADH token, listing on HitBTC is expected to happen on April 17.

QRYPTOS, in turn, represents a fully digital cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform launched by QUOINE company back in June 2017.  QRYPTOS is a licensed crypto exchange, which operates under the supervision of the Japanese Financial Services Agency. Analytics expect QRYPTOS and QUOINEX exchanges to be merged by the end of spring 2018 and then their combined daily turnover will climb over $120M benchmark. According to the press release, QRYPTOS has been already listed ADH token on April 12.

Following the listing, ADH token will be priced against BTC, ETH and QASH, which is QUOINE internal token.

Alexandr Kuzmin, another AdHive co-founder, adds:

“We’ve been careful and precise when making our listing choices. We in AdHive intend to collaborate with industry leaders who possess all of the best technological and security innovations, and data protection standards, and HitBTC along with QRYPTOS represent market leaders of that kind.”

Addition of the ADH token to quoting lists will result into multiple positive effects such as improved liquidity of the token, extra attention to the project and further fueling of AdHive active community that together will contribute to the platform marketing efforts on rapidly developing Asian markets.

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