Adobe Joins Rarible in Partnership to Protect NFT Creators

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Adobe Joins Rarible in Partnership to Protect NFT Creators
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A new feature aimed at protecting the NFT content by verifying metadata across all major Adobe platforms.

In an announcement made on Tuesday, Rarible has declared its association with Adobe, a multinational software company to help token creators verify the authenticity of their digital content. According to Adobe, it is planning to introduce a feature that will assist NFT creators in the long haul and will allow them to link their crypto wallet addresses with their digital work.

These content credentials will act as proof against any misinformation to help NFT creators authenticate their work on various global platforms.

Adobe to Launch a Public Beta Feature Known as Content Credentials for NFT Verification

As it has been revealed, Adobe will be releasing a new feature aimed at protecting the NFT content by verifying metadata across all major Adobe platforms such as Photoshop, Stock, and Behance. Users of such platforms will be able to link their crypto addresses and social media IDs with their work. This will help users in verifying the ownership and will assist in assuring consumers that they are the real creators of the content.

Adobe in this pursuit has collaborated with Rarible, an NFT platform that will help users authenticate the wallet address that was used to create the digital asset by cross-checking whether the same address had minted the digital collectible or not.

While adding a crypto address on a minted digital work on Rarible, the address will be reflected on public content credential metadata once the listing is complete. This will permit users to authenticate the digital piece before making any purchase.

Ensuring digital ownership and sole proprietorship is an integral part of Non-Fungible Tokens and Blockchain network. NFTs have soared high primarily due to their unique factor of sole ownership that makes the digital collectible unique and special. Rarible is also a member of Adobe’s Content Authenticity Initiative along with BBC, Getty Images, Microsoft, and Nikon. This association allows these organizations to impact the company’s tool development and implementation.

As per Dappradar, Rarible has become the eighth most popular NFT marketplace, leading the charge with a daily trading volume worth $393.910. The company was launched in 2020, and offers users a stable platform to buy, mint, and sell NFTs without any additional coding. The company is working towards establishing itself as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) which in simpler terms would mean that all the primary decision-making rights would go to the platform users.

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