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Emerging Signs of AI Revolution: How GBC.AI is Changing Blockchain Industry

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by Devan Harmon · 6 min read
Emerging Signs of AI Revolution: How GBC.AI is Changing Blockchain Industry
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The ultimate goal behind GBC.AI is to create a framework that can be applied to and used by the entire blockchain industry.

Blockchain technology has been one of the most significant driving forces for change over the past decade. Since the launch of the first major blockchain back in 2009, countless additional projects have joined in the movement, forcing it to be recognized as a viable and necessary part of finance moving forward. Inherent as part of that first breakthrough in blockchain, was the idea of improving finance, and wresting control over an individual’s financial capabilities back from the corporations that had been mismanaging their power in the eyes of many. 

This perceived mismanagement was made explicit in the first bitcoin block that included the following message: “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.” Bitcoin was released right at the turning point of a great recession, at a time when many people were exasperated that not only could those in power allow for such an event to occur, but they were also going to avoid suffering any consequences for their irresponsibility largely. That vision of Bitcoin and decentralized finance as a remedy to a flawed arrangement has persisted and continues today. 

Over ten years after the first launch, the blockchain industry is thriving in a way few could have imagined. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are significant facets of modern financial life, and an entire economy has grown up around what was originally a fringe movement. 

The Issues in Blockchain

There are, however, issues that have arisen and continue to plague the blockchain industry. It was never a perfect system demonstrated by the many different solutions that have emerged in just over a decade. Perhaps the biggest issue of all is security. From hacks and stolen keys to bad actors exploiting the unsavvy, the blockchain space has had and continues to have its fair share of safety concerns. In addition, when a blockchain launches and users start participating in it, the blockchain is a finished product by and large. This finalization means there is very little space for change and refinement once a blockchain has been created and put into action. In order to modify a blockchain, its actions would first have to be halted, risking the health of the entire ecosystem in the process. Moreover, given that blockchains are supposed to be decentralized, trusting a third party or an authoritative body to step in and alter a blockchain when they deem it necessary is problematic. 

While the blockchain industry is thriving, these concerns are not going away. Costly mishaps are occurring at an ever-increasing frequency, and it seems that movement has arrived at something of an impasse on how to solve this problem. How can a blockchain address its flaws without betraying that original, decentralized vision?

GBC.AI Bridging Blockchain with AI and Machine Learning

GBC.AI has resolved blockchain’s philosophical aporia and turned to the other technology sector redefining how we live.  When specialists in machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain came together to propose refining blockchain operations without conceding autonomy or introducing third parties, GBC.AI came to inception.

The idea is relatively straightforward. GBC.AI tackles the problem described above head-on. As mentioned, when launched, a blockchain is nearly impossible to alter without risking its health or introducing an external authority. At GBC.AI, we realized that finding a solution to this problem needed a different approach. If GBC.AI were going to improve the way blockchains worked, they had to start at the beginning, not later at the time of the problem. 

By using AI and machine learning, GBC.AI was able to develop what they call blockchain guardians. Blockchain guardians are AI-powered algorithms that help blockchains evolve and develop by optimizing their settings within a specific time frame based on current activity, smart contracts, number of transactions and more. The key to this is that the guardians do not interfere with the consensus protocol. Instead, they are active protectors making blockchains adaptable, capable of preemptively locating and preventing threats spotting operational issues, immensely improving the blockchain.

Optimizing Solana and Velas

GBC.AI has been able to successfully apply its technology to two significant blockchains, Solana and Velas. Solana is one of DeFi’s most prominent actors, billing itself as the fastest blockchain in operation and the home of over 400 related projects. GBC.AI was able to set up a Solana test net in a short amount of time and boost the blockchain’s productivity by 10-30% depending on the hardware used. While that may not seem like a huge difference, it is enormous on a blockchain of Solana’s size. Plus, the blockchain guardians do not only improve operations; they also add a crucial layer of security. Think about it; typically, hackers have a stationary target in a blockchain. With the addition of a dynamic entity that responds to internal and external pressure, bad actors face an entirely different animal. 

Velas is another major blockchain project that has integrated blockchain guardians to optimize their network’s operation. The project uses the blockchain guardians to create a neural network that uses historical data to simulate outcomes and predict on-chain scenarios. By doing this, Velas can predict workflow disruptions and anticipate issues well ahead of time while also bolstering the network’s security. 

A Neural Network Laboratory

The ultimate goal behind GBC.AI is to create a framework that can be applied to and used by the entire blockchain industry. As with the “guardians” integration into Velas, GBC.AI is working to help all kinds of blockchains develop individual reactive neural networks that will shore up their defenses while also boosting productivity. Doing this without bringing in an outside authority is a GBC.AI breakthrough. 

As seen by the recent Poly Network hack, security is an evergreen issue in the blockchain world. The way things stand now, there is no proven way of addressing that issue without backtracking on this technology’s original, decentralized promise. What GBC.AI is offering is a means of rectifying the situation by moving forward, not backward. By bridging the two current technological focal points of blockchain and AI, the project turns the page in the development of blockchain solutions and ushers in a new era of innovation. Time will tell whether they will get the rest of the industry to take heed. 

Disclaimer: The opinions and views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and are not necessarily shared by Coinspeaker. We recommend you conduct the necessary research on your own before any investment and trading move.

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