Aitheon Rolls Out 6 New Digibots to Simplify Business Processes on its Blockchain Platform

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by Polina Chernykh · 2 min read

Aitheon introduces a pack of new digibots, virtual representations of AI-based robots that can perform a wide range of tasks to help small businesses automate their operations.

Aitheon uses Digibots in many of their transactions, since they are virtual versions of the AI robots that businesses can use for automated transactions. The company is the first blockchain platform to automate their transactions with the use of AI, robotics, IoT, and human specialists. With six new digibots, rolling out soon to the newest batch of beta testers, they can now extend their efforts a little further.

Based in Estonia, everyone on the Aitheon team works on improving the current business models on their user-friendly platform with streamlined tasks. Companies that employ the use of the Aitheon digital platform can reduce the amount of time and money they spend on their transactions.

Furthermore, freelancers on the platform called Specialists, let users improve their transactions around the world. Even if the bots require assistance managing their tasks, remote workers can correct this issue.

The newest batch of digibots includes:

  • Aitheon Drive, which is similar to the use of Google Drive or DropBox, integrating and automatically storing all Aitheon services.
  • Accounting, which analyzes cash flow and management of project-related costs. Phase 2 will roll out auto bill entry from email documents and auto management of receivables and payables. The 3rd phase will introduce an accounting controller Digibot – an automated cash flow management tool for the best business financial decisions.
  • Aitheon messenger service, similar to Slack and Telegram channels, it will be integrated into the organization team structures for their effective communication.
  • Project Manager, distributes tasks amongst robots and humans, organizes task lists, and integrates with accounting system for procurements, tracking and fund allocation.
  • Task Manager, which creates schedules of recurring tasks and integrates with HR needs.
  • Item Manager- Will be used across all microservices for tracking all items sold, produced or consumed within the entity.

The program is still in the beta stages, but the next 500 businesses will get a significant discount to register as a beta tester at only 4,000 AIC (discounted from 40,000 AIC for this new launch).

This program has shown appeal with many different companies, including Microsoft Technology Center, World Bank, Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services, and Kaynes Technology. Each of whom are presently planning to add Aitheon to their business practices.

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