AllianceBlock Announces Launch of Nexera Exchange 

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AllianceBlock Announces Launch of Nexera Exchange 
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AllianceBlock said the exchange is not just a platform but a treasure trove of DeFi features explicitly made for advanced trading strategies.

AllianceBlock, a blockchain agnostic platform designed to bridge the gap between the traditional finance (TradeFi) ecosystem and the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) , has announced the launch of a new exchange dubbed Nexera Exchange. In a press release shared with Coinspeaker, the company said the exchange is on track to revolutionize how people trade cryptocurrencies.

The newly introduced exchange is an upgraded successor of AllianceBlock DEX, a platform designed to harness the power of Automated Market Maker (AMM) to “meet the demand of streamlined user interface”. Since its launch last year, the platform has gained recognition in the crypto community.

Building upon this success, AllianceBlock has launched Nexera Exchange to serve as an intermediary to the DEX protocol, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

While decentralized exchanges (DEXs) have grown in popularity, they sometimes lag behind their centralized counterparts in terms of user-friendliness. This is where Nexera Exchange steps in by incorporating an on-chain order book protocol to provide a new era of liquidity for various digital currencies and tokenized assets.

Unleashing Liquidity with Uniswap Integration

AllianceBlock said it has collaborated with Uniswap, a popular deFi marketplace based on the Ethereum blockchain. Through this partnership, the company’s newly launched exchange will leverage Uniswap V3’s liquidity to enable it to provide limited orders that ensure competitive prices.

With the help of Uniswap, the exchange aims to become a hub for on-chain limited order aggregation, connecting liquidity from diverse, decentralized exchanges. The vision is set to empower traders with an unparalleled decentralized trading experience.

Nexera Exchange also plans to introduce a stability staking pool, which lets traders earn rewards while actively participating on the platform. By staking NXRA tokens, its native crypto, traders can partake in a share of the trading fees, turning trading into a rewarding endeavor.

A Toolset of DeFi Wonders

AllianceBlock said the exchange is not just a platform but a treasure trove of DeFi features explicitly made for advanced trading strategies.

These features open up new dimensions for traders, from stake-enabled on-chain order books to order-triggering matches, yield-optimized staked orders, and dynamic range order book provision.

Regarding safety, the company said it had equipped the exchange with quality security measures, including the KYC/AML procedures.

Nexera Exchange is also built to maintain compliance with regulations across its markets.

Looking ahead, Nexera Exchange is primed to redefine crypto trading, offering advanced features, improved liquidity, and security measures that are set to shape the future of digital asset trading.

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