Alphacat Has Released Their Updated 2018 Roadmap And The Future Looks Bright

May 7th, 2018 at 6:22 am UTC · 3 min read

Already this year Alphacat have released the closed beta version of their BTC daily forecasting, they’ve begun receiving the API (Application Programming Interface) from four cryptocurrency exchanges.

But from the looks of their new roadmap, the best is yet to come in 2018; in Q2 they are set to receive the API for another eight exchanges while also releasing the closed beta versions of their daily forecasting for Ethereum, Neo, and EOS.

In addition to that, Alphacat also plans to release the open beta version of the BTC daily forecasting.

But the big update coming in Q2 is the highly anticipated ACAT store. The store is a platform where all of Alphacat’s tools will be available for third-party developers, who can use the ACAT engine to develop and upload their own cryptocurrency tools.

This is completely unique to Alphacat and sets them apart from any would-be competitors. The team has a ton of updates for the ACAT store planned for 2018 and it will be exciting to see how it develops.

In Q3, things look set to really kick into overdrive; in addition to a range of technological improvements and their database of transactions growing by 400%, they also plan to release the open beta of their daily forecasting for Ethereum, Neo, and EOS.

But the thing that most Alphacat enthusiasts are most looking forward to in Q3 is the closed beta version of their real time forecasting for BTC and ETH.

Currently, cryptocurrency markets tend to move quickly and wildly so a tool that can predict which way they will swing in real time will be extremely valuable to investors, no matter what their level of expertise is.

In Q4 Alphacat plan to begin receiving the API from an additional 16 exchanges and double the size of their database again, meaning they will have a huge store of transactional information for their AI robots to utilize and make predictions from.

But the big advancements that are coming at the end of this year are the open beta real time forecasting for BTC and ETH, and the closed beta real time forecasting for Neo and EOS. This promises to be a gamechanger for the markets in general and Alphacat in particular.

There’s a whole lot on their roadmap so it’s definitely worth having a look at. The ambitious team has even released their plans for Q1 of 2019 and with the progress they’ve made so far this year, it’d be a brave man to bet against them achieving their stated goals.

In case you’re not aware of what Alphacat is all about, here’s a quick explanation:

The Alphacat platform consists of robots that utilize both artificial intelligence (AI) and ‘big data’ to predict the future price of specific cryptocurrencies.

The goal is to create an AI prediction model that makes it easier for anyone to invest in the cryptocurrency market by offering people an easy-to-use advisory service with extremely high levels of accuracy.

At present, their AI robots can calculate the likelihood that a particular market will increase, and to date, their price prediction for Bitcoin has an accuracy of over 60%. There is no other prediction tool on the market with this level of accuracy.

This is definitely one to watch for 2018 and beyond. And because the project is (for the time being) relatively new and unknown in the west, it’s still possible to get in early.

You don’t need an AI robot to predict that this project is going to do well!




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