Leader in Data Democrization DataBlockChain.io announces its partnership with Media Direct, Inc.

Place/Date: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands - May 5th, 2018 at 8:38 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: DataBlockChain

After having merged its own proprietary data with many of the world’s largest databases ranging from government data, industry specific data, voting records, business to business data, property data, credit bureau data, DataBlockChain LTD prepares for its May 24th Token Sale it has inked a strategic data partnership with Media Direct, Inc.

Media Direct, Inc. is a leading compiler and supplier of data for marketing and analytics. Media Direct and its subsidiaries have committed to contributing over 3 billion Automotive, Business, Consumer, Digital, Political and Property records to DataBlockChain.io’s marketplace.

DataBlackChain.io is a first of its kind virtual data platform utilizing artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

DataBlockChain.io aims to democratize Big Data by providing a consortium of data suppliers to offer the best available data directly utilizing the blockchain, eliminating unnecessary middlemen and removing layers of inefficiency in the current data ecosystem.

Adam Mittelberg, Chief Marketing Officer of DataBlockChain.io said:

“This is the first of many strategic partnerships we hope to announce in the coming months. Our alliance with Media Direct accelerates our Data Acquisition efforts even beyond our original lofty goals. I am confident we will not only be the most efficient and economical source for marketers in the coming months but one of the largest as well. Today we officially took a big step in that direction.”

Michael Richmond, President of Media Direct, Inc., added:

“I am excited about our participation with DataBlockChain.io. We have always tried to stay ahead of the curve and embrace new technological advances. I am a real believer that Blockchain represents the future of Digital Data. I have always believed when you deliver better data more efficiently everybody wins, and I am looking forward to the success of this project.”

Jesse Brown, DataBlockChain.io’s Chief Technology Officer, was equally enthusiastic about the announcement:

“We are very close to releasing our MVP and being able to start with this massive and diverse data set. This already puts us well ahead of existing markets.”

He continued:

“DataBlockChain.io will provide a robust interface between the users and the data sources. DataBlockChain.io will create a single-point solution that will eliminate the need for multiple data vendors and layers of list managers and brokers that create inefficiency in the marketplace. The backend systems will ensure full confidence in data quality for the end user as well as transactional finality for the data providers.”

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