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Amazon Dash Buttons Finally Released in the UK

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read
Amazon Dash Buttons Finally Released in the UK
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Online retailer giant has announced the expansion of its Dash Button program, following the launch of a one-click buying system in the United Kingdom.

Amazon has finally launched its Amazon Dash buttons in the UK, allowing customers to buy products without leaving the house. The devices will also become available in Germany and Austria.

Dash button is an innovative solution allowing brands to always stay connected to their clients. Users can simply stock up on their favourite products, from coffee to detergents, with a press of a button.

Since the launch of the Dash button in 2015, the amount of orders made via the service has significantly increased.  The program supports multiple brands, such as Tide, FIJI, and RedBull, with 50 new brands recently added.

After the launch of the button in the US more than a year ago the number of partners reached over 150. Meantime, there are only 40 brands that are available in the UK. They include Air Wick, Andrex, Wilkinson, Ariel, Cesar, Dettol, Pedigree, Durex, Fairy, Finish, Gillette, Huggies, Listerine, Nerf, Nescafé, Play-doh, Nicorette, Olay, Regaine, Right Guard, Rimmel and Vanish.

Amazon Dash button costs £4.99, but the money will be refunded after the first order. “There is no retail therapy in buying toilet roll or bin bags. It’s just work. We wanted to take the one-click experience from our website and put it right where people need it most, in the home, near the products that run out. So that buying them is no longer work,” Daniel Rausch, the director of Amazon Dash, told The Guardian.

According to Rausch, the most frequently used buttons are those for beverages, being pressed more than once a week.  Meanwhile, in the US two orders are made via the Dash buttons every minute.

Amazon’s presence in the IoT industry is rapidly growing, as the company is constantly developing new technology applications. Within the last few years, it has become one of the major IoT industry players.

Earlier this year, the company released its Amazon Echo bluetooth device, supported by Alexa digital assistant. The speaker lets users to get weather forecast, buy food, and order an Uber, just by issuing voice commands.

In May, Amazon released a customizable version of the device that allows users to change settings depending on their needs. Named AWS IoT Button (Amazon Web Services Internet of Things Button), the device enables developers to write code to remotely control wi-fi connected services and devices run by Amazon. As the company noted, the AWS IoT Button doesn’t require customers to have extensive programming knowledge, as it can be easily connected with a wide range of Amazon services.

As research firm IDC predicts, the IoT sector will reach $357 billion by 2019. The world’s leading companies are competing to dominate the sector, with Cisco and General Electric being the main candidates for industrial IoT leadership.

Intel has recently unveiled its IoT products kit, which offers a much higher performance part based on the latest generations of Intel’s technologies. Meantime, blockchain startup Chronicled released a public registry for IoT devices, built on the ethereum blockchain technology.

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