Amazon Is Evening the Hardware Market Controlled by Apple, Microsoft, and Google

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Amazon Is Evening the Hardware Market Controlled by Apple, Microsoft, and Google
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Just recently, Amazon held an event where the e-commerce giant announced 80 new products. With their massive event, Amazon is trying to even out the hardware market which is controlled by Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

Recently, Amazon held one of the biggest tech keynotes possibly ever. They announced 80 new products where 15 of them were completely new hardware products. Experts quickly rushed to compare this massive announcement to Apple, Microsoft, and Google keynotes this year. The outcome of this is that Amazon, as a company, is trying to stand out from the crowd as they are not announcing a single product but multiple ones. 

The company, initially known as an e-commerce giant, now turned to a multinational tech company, potentially is starting a new hardware company trend where the companies aren’t presenting a single product in many different looks and versions, and rather choose to present multiple new devices and innovations. Other experts say that by doing this, Amazon wants the consumer to like the company – Amazon, not a specific single product.

For example, when Apple announces a keynote, many people tend to expect the new iPhone and possibly a new MacBook or similar. But what Amazon is trying to do is what others can only dream of. Instead of announcing those 80 new products one-by-one, they chose to present them at a single event, thus sending the message to consumers and competitors that “Hey, we also have lots of new cool stuff”.

They are not trying to overtake the market with a new smartphone similar to iPhone or a new OS (operating system). Instead, they are evening the market by offering loads of new products and hinting that this kind of event might happen in the future as well.

As we reported earlier, Amazon held its keynote event where they presented new innovations in the hardware market. The company unveiled quite a lot of new updates to the Echo and a few new addons as well. A few new commands to Alexa and the new option of having a celebrity voice came on as well.

Moreover, they announced products like Echo Studio, which is a direct competitor to Apple’s Homepod, Echo Flex, which is a standalone speaker that can be linked with Alexa, Echo Glow, which is a glowing device that changes colors, and Echo Buds which is a direct competitor to Apple’s AirPods.

Additionally, Amazon revealed a beta program where selected users can try out new hardware before anyone else. Such devices this year include the echo glasses with four speakers which you can use to talk to Alexa while you work or play. It is priced at $179.99.

AMZN is currently at $1,713.23, decreasing 1.29% from it’s $1,735.65 previous close with a 9.33% decrease over the last 12 months.

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