Amazon Releases $20 Dash Wand with Alexa Inside, Free to Prime Members

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by Anastasiya Vanyukevich · 3 min read

Amazon has introduced its Dash Wand with Alexa to allow you buy everything.

Amazon has just unveiled to public its new device called Alexa what is a $20 version of its Amazon Dash Wand. The new  instant-ordering gadget hasthe voice-enabled smart assistant that will assist users with ordering food, controlling smart home devices and other tasks.

The Dash Wand has the size of a small remote control that perfectly fits in a palm. It looks very stylish but apart from it it’s also durable, water-resistand and magnetic, so you can easily leave it on the fridge.

The kitchen assistant can scan bar codes and add goods to your Amazon cart as it works in conjunction with AmazonFresh. It converts cups to ounces, buys and reordesr essentials, finds nearby restaurants and more. Pressing the button on the top activates virtual assistant Alexa which, in its turn, performs thousands of commands from controlling voice apps to calling your friends or ordering a pizza.

However, you won’t have a chance to get the full virtual assistant’s experience here. The bew device can’t play music, and its press-button functionality means it won’t automatically respond to the “Hey, Alexa” wake command.

The Wi-Fi enabled device is sold at the price of $20, for a limited time, buyers will receive $20 worth of Amazon credit once they purchase and register the product. Buyers are also promised a 90-day free trail of the grocery service, which usually costs $14.99 per month.

The Dash Wand is a significantly updated version of Amazon Dash wand which were introduced back in 2015 and didn’t featured smart virtual assistant and was much bigger than the new one. It worked only for AmazonFresh orders and cost twice more.

Amazon has achieched notable results with hardware devices since it launched its Fire Phone in 2014. In the two years since it debuted, Echo has been an unqualified success.

In May the company unveiled the Echo Look, a style assistant that provides fashion advice for customers and last month, Amazon introduced Echo Show quite similar to Echo but with a 7-inch touchscreen, camera, Dolby speaker, and eight microphones.

Unlike the previous version of the product, which allowed users to ask Alexa questions and get answers, the new device can be used to make video calls. The feature allows users to connect to their friends and family who have an Alexa or Echo Show app on their smartphones. The feature makes Echo Show a great alternative to Skype and Apple’s FaceTime.

The Echo Show will be delivered from June 28 and is already available for preorders. The device will cost $229.99 and will initially be available in the US only. The company has also launched a promotion for the launch of the speaker to let buyers save $100 for ordering two Echo Show devices.

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