Amazon Is Looking Forward to Launching Telehealth Services in 20+ Cities

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Amazon Is Looking Forward to Launching Telehealth Services in 20+ Cities
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Amazon is reportedly planning to extend its telehealth services to such states as Atlanta, Detroit, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, and others.

E-commerce giant Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) is now reportedly moving forward to pursue the booming healthcare sector by introducing telehealth services. According to Insider, Amazon care is set to facilitate a package full of telehealth and in-person services that the firm will offer to its employees and their families. The service will be first launched in Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, and Boston, followed by another round encompassing 16 more states and cities.

Amazon Is Planning to Extend Its Telehealth Services

Amazon Care has garnered a loyal base owing to its hassle-free telehealth services that were first utilized by the Seattle- based employees in 2019. Following an announcement made in September, Amazon had declared that they will allow employees based in Washington to have full access to its Amazon care services. The company then later expanded its services and granted access to 50 other states this summer.

However, their unique in-person services which include drawing blood for tests and medical exams was limited to Washington DC and Baltimore. As per the speculative reports by Insider, Amazon is reportedly planning to expand this service and extend it to other states such as Atlanta, Detroit, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Nashville, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Phoenix, San Jose, and St Louis.

According to Insiders’ Dodge, Amazon is also looking forward to boosting their healthcare services by including insured people along with their employees.

Although the company had refused to make any comments on the rising speculations, it is to be noted that the company has been quite active in pursuing virtual health services by providing quality assistance to its employees in terms of rapid bookings with doctors and medical practitioners all around.

The organization’s representatives in June had given a statement that said that they have signed several companies to the Amazon telehealth initiative. Later on, VP Babak Parviz commented that the organization is actively planning to include virtual/hybrid in-person and telehealth services in other states in the region. Amazon had also created Covid testing kits in July during the peak of the pandemic which added more to the rising speculation that the company is aiming towards an expansion in the healthcare sector.

Amazon had launched its Amazon care service model 2019 which was its first official endeavor to introduce premium health care facilities to their employees as an in-house work benefit.  The app created to facilitate the following service includes services such as booking appointments (virtual/hybrid) with certified medical practitioners and lab personnel to draw blood, book tests, and other medical exams straight from their app. If the facility is expanded in other states, it will allow more employees and their families to experience excellent healthcare services accessible straight from their Amazon mobile phone application.

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