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AMC Fight Nights Global Brings Blockchain Tokenization to MMA Ecosystem

UTC by Godfrey Benjamin · 3 min read
AMC Fight Nights Global Brings Blockchain Tokenization to MMA Ecosystem
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AMC Fight Nights Global was established by veterans in the world of MMA sports and its diverse partners signal that the project is built for growth.

Popular Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotion outfit AMC Fight Nights Global is bringing blockchain tokenization to the niche sports ecosystem. The adoption of blockchain technology in the world of sports is growing at a very fast pace, with a good number of popular football teams debuting their fan’s native tokens. For an innovation that is currently dominant in the world of soccer, AMC Fight Nights have made history as the first of its kind to bring the innovation to MMA.

The promotional outfit already boasts a thriving ecosystem, with more than 750,000 subscribers and fans. The company has organized as many as 1000 battles spread across over a thousand tournaments. These competitions attract some of the world’s best athletes, with visitors numbering over 1.5 million. The launch of the AMC token will give lovers of MMA sports an exclusive opportunity to be a part of the game, with the AMC Fight Nights Global creating a number of unique utilities for the digital asset.

Amongst the core goals and objectives of the AMC tokenization initiative is to attract investments in AMC Fight Nights for development, to help promote the competition in all of its facets to be a global standard, and to build decentralized solutions with provable fairness for investors and members of the AMC Fight Nights ecosystem.

AMC Tokenization: Benefits to Holders of the Digital Asset

The AMC tokenization project is multifaceted and will seek to release products bordering on the central tenets of the decentralized finance (DeFi) revolution. The tokens are designed to also power its Non-Fungible Token (NFT) offerings while enhancing its plans for a gaming platform. Anyone, irrespective of their geographical location can take part in these platforms, invest and receive income from AMC “Fight Nights” products and projects.

Beyond these, the AMC token holders will also get discounts on ticket purchases for all AMC Fight Nights tournaments, receive the opportunities to participate in private club events, gain access to participate in a reality show, and sign a contract with “AMC Fight Nights,” and obtain discounts when sportswear, paraphernalia, and other items are purchased.

Becoming an Early Investor

Anyone can get to invest in the AMC tokens today by buying the digital assets at the presale price. This is an exclusive opportunity to become a part of the project at discounted prices. Having raised the sum of $1.6 million in a private sale round that ended on May 5, interested early investors can get access to the tokens in three presale stages.

In both the stage 1 and 2, investors can buy as low as $50 worth of the AMC token and as much as $1,000 worth. The price for the former is capped at $0.20, and the latter goes for $0.40 each. While stage 1 comes with a 12 months lockup, stage 2 tokens will be frozen for 6 months. The third stage will be freely trading one month after listing on exchanges and it is worth $0.80 at the presale price. Per the time duration for the presale, option one might be too late for investors as sales ended on May 24th. Stage 2 sales will span from May 25 to June 09, 2021, while Stage 3 sales will take place from June 10 to June 24, 2021.

Purchasing the AMC token can come off as a viable investment option as the token listing according to the company will start out at $1, offering early investors a quick return on their investments. AMC Fight Nights Global was established by veterans in the world of MMA sports and its diverse partners signal the project is built for growth.

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