Analytical Listing MoonRate Created an ICO Agencies Map 2018

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Analytical Listing MoonRate Created an ICO Agencies Map 2018
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The ICO market is vast but tangled, and ICO agencies are an essential part of it. So now is the time to take a closer look at each agency’s work.

With the growing number of ICOs and cryptocurrencies, it looks like we won’t be ever hurt from a lack of information about the world of crypto. But do we know very much about the features of similar ICO Agencies?

We do know that there are many ICO agencies across the globe. They each offer all different types of services for launching an ICO, starting first and foremost with PR & Marketing.

But how can you know if the agency is trustworthy? And how can you know how much their services cost?

Using analytical listings,MoonRate company created an ICO Agencies map with more details about each agency. The map shows each agency’s price range, size, and the region where they are based.Analytical Listing MoonRate Created an ICO Agencies Map 2018There are a total of 52 agencies on the map. And of course, there are far more agencies that provide ICO support. This map shows only the biggest agencies and the most trusted.

Some ICO Agencies representatives readily share industry secrets. Regarding which services are the most popular among their clients, Karnika E. Yashwant, CEO & Founder of Key Difference Media, Blockchain and Cryptoexpert had this to say:

“PR is definitely quite popular, especially editorial publications among ICOs of all stages, but particularly those before Pre-ICO and during Pre-ICO/ICO. Content Marketing is equally popular with early-stage ICOs that are just getting started. This particularly applies to the next wave of ICOs.

Regional Marketing, and Indian Marketing in specific, is popular among ICOs in the middle of Pre-ICO or ICO. It can drive massive investments in a short period of time and competition is extremely low. But the market is also very hungry.

So the most popular services for ICOs is really based on the stage they are in. One service does not fit all when it comes to the stages of the ICO lifecycle.”

What about the competition and prices at the market, Jim Sanders, representative of Cryptodetail Agency shared:

“Competition is really high but not so high as the competition between the ICO projects. We are getting enough orders to be always loaded with the project work. We are providing high-quality content which has quite good conversion rates for our clients. We have a team of social media ninjas who can boost the traffic for the client and improve the brand awareness.

What about ICO Agencies prices, it is only the subject of supply and demand ratio. This market is relatively young and risky so I see nothing unusual in setting high prices. But I advise all ICO projects to make a comparison and analysis before accepting a specific service provider”.

This map shows us a general image of the ICO Agencies market in 2018. As you can see, these agencies are spread all around the globe. However, that does not mean you should necessarily choose only the agencies closest to your location. Any agency can provide you with full online ICO support.

Here’s a list of the most popular services provided by these agencies:

    • Technical Support;
    • Legal Services;
    • PR & Marketing;
    • SMM and Help with the Community;
    • Consulting.


Prices can vary from $1,000 to hundreds of thousands of USD.

Note: the color surrounding the agency changes depending on the cost of its services, while the size of the logo indicates the number of that agency’s clients listed from the fewest clients to the biggest clientele.

All in all, since the ICO market is vast but tangled, and ICO agencies are an essential part of it, now is the time to take a closer look at each agency’s work and acknowledge that, without these services, many ICOs would fail even at the Pre-ICO stage.

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