Anthony Di Iorio Joins Bancor Co-Founder and Bittrex CEO on StormX Advisory Board

Place/Date: Cayman Islands - September 27th, 2017 at 3:33 pm UTC · 4 min read
Source: StormX

StormX, Inc., the blockchain, adtech, and micro-task company, has announced Jaxx Founder and CEO Anthony Di Iorio has joined its all-star Board of Advisors which includes Bancor Co-Founder Guy Benartzi and Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara. In a related announcement, StormX has released the whitepaper supporting its ERC-20 token STORM token for community review.

Anthony Di Iorio joins StormX’s Board of industry leaders including Bittrex CEO and Founder Bill Shihara, Bancor Co-Founder Guy Benartzi, founding CTO of Zynga Tom Bollich, CEO Liam Robertson and Strategist Brad Mills, VOIP pioneer and Vonage Founder and CEO Jeff Pulver, Alchemist Ventures Co-Founder and Ethereum Chief Strategist Steven Nerayoff Esq. LL.M., Juloot interactive Founder Hanan Gazit Ph.D., Brian Kelly Capital LLC Founder and CNBC contributor Brian Kelly, and Appuri Founder and CTO Damon Danieli.

Di Iorio, a thought leader in the decentralized technology industry, is CEO and Founder of Decentral, an innovation hub for decentralized and blockchain technologies, and Jaxx, the leading multi-asset digital wallet. Prior to his work at Decentral and Jaxx, Di Iorio was a Co-Founder of Ethereum, Chief Digital Officer at the Toronto Stock Exchange, and the creator of Rushwallet and Di Iorio will counsel StormX on wallet integrations and blockchain technologies.

StormX CEO Simon Yu said: “With a Board comprised of the industry’s preeminent figures, I am confident that StormX will successfully achieve its vision for Storm Market as the frictionless, decentralized, inclusive, and global ecosystem for micro-task listings. The international success of our founding team’s first project Storm Play (formerly known as BitMaker), an Android app with more than 1,125,000 users in 187 countries who are rewarded in either bitcoin or Ether for completing micro-tasks, coupled with the technical, financial, and business development expertise of our strategic advisors, places StormX ideally to rapidly gain global market traction.”

Jaxx CEO Anthony Di Iorio said: “I’m proud to bring my experience in decentralized technologies and mobile apps to StormX, a project that will disrupt the global freelance marketplace. Jaxx focuses on user experience, aligning with StormX’s mission to create the largest and most user-friendly platform for a universal market.”

StormX has released its whitepaper draft for Storm Market, a gamified micro-task platform aiming to revolutionize the freelancer micro-task marketplace by providing democratic access to opportunities.

The Storm Market platform will enable anyone to request services, such as QA Testing or Machine Learning tasks, and select available, appropriately-skilled workers to complete micro-tasks. Workers that successfully bid and complete designated contracts will be rewarded in STORM tokens and the distribution is automatically managed via an Ethereum smart contract.

Simon Yu said: “Freelance workers are rapidly becoming the backbone of the global economy, but current banking systems, credit systems, and processing systems mean employers who need micro-transactions completed from their growing freelancer base face high fees and inefficient middlemen. Storm Market aims to transform the economy by creating a secured, decentralized, and gamified micro-task platform without costly transaction fees and cumbersome third party relationships.”

The Storm Market whitepaper and market research network development materials draft are available at

About StormX Inc.

StormX Inc. is the creator of Storm Market, a blockchain-based platform utilizing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to manage marketplace contracts and gamified micro-tasks, between buyers and sellers through rewards in the form of STORM tokens, an ERC-20 based token. Storm Market is a platform similar to that of the world of gaming and game currencies, with its user-friendly and an enjoyable gamified experience. Storm Market members can level up by doing tasks to acquire more rewards. Members can use STORM tokens for actions like task completion, or to acquire boosts for leaderboards and their profiles.