Antique Era CaesarVerse Game Bringing Immersive Education to Web3

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Antique Era CaesarVerse Game Bringing Immersive Education to Web3
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The CaesarVerse platform is lowering the barriers to entry and anyone can participate whether they have the in-game qualifying NFTs or not. 

Several Web3.0 projects have their underlying focuses, most of which are entirely focused on the robustness of the rewards they offer. Antique-era CaesarVerse game is changing this narrative by taking a unique tilt with a combination of its educational platform and a highly immersive game offering.

CaesarVerse Education Component and Value

As an emerging startup, the CaesarVerse platform is designed to educate the members of the public about classical Roman history. History is sacred, especially one that defined the most important era of human civilization like that of Rome. The CaesarVerse project aims to preserve this culture by broadening access to learning points for everyone that is interested.

The CaesarVerse platform will create an educational component that will be the gaming aspect of its offering, and this learning offshoot will be incorporated into the history lessons for University students. As planned, there will also be a way to integrate the platform for high school students that may be interested in classical Roman history.

“We are building a historically accurate open-world experience that enables players to own in-game assets with a focus on education. We hope to not only provide an engaging and enjoyable experience but also educate. In addition to the CaesarVerse, we are planning an accompanying educational tool that could have classroom implementations for universities looking to provide a rich and immersive experience to their students,” said Colin Helm, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the CaesarVerse platform.

Highlighting the Gaming Component

The CaesarVerse gaming platform is an open-world game that will incorporate Real Time Strategy (RTS) elements. The game is designed for lovers of classical-themed gaming but is open to anyone to participate from. Users can earn rewards for their playing and the earned value can be traded on a dedicated marketplace created by the platform.

The CaesarVerse platform has some distinguishing features that set it apart from other games in the industry. One key highlight is the inclusion of a rank structure for legionary combat where a high-rank player can command other players. Obeying such commands grants the subordinates a massive reward dubbed XP boosts. This command or rank structure will be available when the full game is released.

Besides the focus on a classical theme and its education focus, CaesarVerse also utilizes in-game weapons as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These items can be traded for Dinari in the platform’s marketplace. As a part of its ongoing development, Third-person and potentially first-person combat will be introduced to expand upon the strategy components to fulfill the aim of an intense, engaging, and immersive experience.

Getting Involved

Just like most promising Web3 projects, the CaesarVerse platform is lowering the barriers to entry and anyone can participate whether they have the in-game qualifying NFTs or not.

The in-game assets involving Genesis NFTs, as well as Gladiators and Ludus upgrade will be dropping in December or early 20223 and the entire game is set to launch later in 2023 or at most, by  early 2024.

Without these assets, users can still generate value by interacting with the CaesarVerse platform, a feature that remains uncommon amongst other competing projects today.

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