AOFEX Exchange Creating a Safer Trading Environment

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AOFEX Exchange Creating a Safer Trading Environment
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AOFEX Exchange is known for its non-standardized option trading service that helps investors hedge the risks of their digital investments. NSO trading awards are said to be launched this month.

Located in London, United Kingdom, AOFEX is a digital asset exchange with non-standardized option trading as its core competitiveness, which is open to global users.

AOFEX has a bank-level security risk control system and technology to fully guarantee the fairness of transactions and provides users with a quality service. It not only ensures reliable security guarantees for users but also greatly enhances their trading experience.

The core team of AOFEX has been deeply engaged in fintech fields for many years, providing strategic planning for a large number of high-tech enterprises and core services for many financial institutions. The AOFEX team has a very strong global strategic operation capability, as well as rich experience in financial risk control and management.

AOFEX introduces world’s top traditional bank financial risk control system, adopts multiple underlying security technologies, establishes internal supervision and early warning system, as well as sets up a risk reserve mechanism to provide users with a more secure encrypted crypto trading environment.

User Protection

Exchanges play a vital role in the crypto space that’s why there is little surprise that quite often they become targets for fraudsters who create accounts with fake info and later use these accounts for their illegal activities.

Such illicit actions may have a great negative impact on the digital currency sector.

Though blockchain is known for its anonymity and decentralization, the users of this technology as well of digital coins that are built on it have the right for legal protection. Nevertheless, for the majority of common users, it may be quite challenging to enjoy this right and benefit from it.

That’s why feeling their responsibility, exchanges now want to protect users and ensure security for their digital assets with the help of regulatory authorities in the respective countries

As for AOFEX, it created an anti-money laundering group. It also entered in strategic cooperation with Slow Fog Technology, that is known to be an expert in the issues of blockchain and user asset security, anti-fraud, international anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing.

AOFEX has already managed to issue a row of anti-money laundering (AWL) safeguards, that fully correspond to the principles of the new policy of International Financial Action Task Force against Money Laundering (FATF). Namely, FATF is a pioneer in many anti-money laundering initiatives.

The platform has an aim to protect investorsinterests, allowing users to trade freely in a safe and fair environment, gaining benefits from the development of blockchain industry, and also help industry evolution, gradually select the most recognized technology and teams to contribute to changing the whole world with blockchain technology.

Non-Standardized Option Trading

Non-Standardized Option (NSO) product offered by AOFEX is also widely praised by users.

NSO is a financial derivative used to help investors hedge the risks of digital currency investment. Compared to other market trading model, there is a big difference. In NSO trading, users can flexibly choose trading sessions, buy up/down options in mainstream currencies, or further buy options with different ups/downs ranges, and then get corresponding benefits when market result matches with expectation

NSO trading results are determined by global market factors, using prices of AOFEX and other four major global exchanges, and calculated according to a certain weight.

NSO trading allows investors to reduce systemic or non-systematic risks through simple, flexible operations. Under limited and controllable risks, investors carry out directional target trading, so risks can be controlled and investors know their returns. At the same time, NSO trading can also help users to automatically stop losses and profits, avoiding losses caused by personal factors.

In order to encourage more users of digital assets to experience NSO trading, AOFEX will hold a mysterious activity this month, which will provide generous rewards for all participants.

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