AOFEX to Strengthen the Protection of Investors’ Rights and Interests

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AOFEX to Strengthen the Protection of Investors’ Rights and Interests
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According to a recent study, wealthy young people have a prominent proportion of investment in digital assets. AOFEX is here to enhance the protection of rights and interests of investors.

According to a recent survey conducted in the UK, about 20% of rich young people (born between 1981 and 1996 with at least £25,000 in investable assets) hold BTC or other digital currency. 

The proportion of British holding digital assets, which accounts for about 3% total population, shows that the proportion of young people holding digital assets is much higher than the whole national average. If invest-able assets were raised from 25,000 to 75,000, the proportion of eligible young people investing in digital assets would be increased from 20% to 29%. 

From this survey, we can easily conclude that the younger and richer adults in the UK are, the higher the proportion of digital assets they hold, indicating that the interest of younger generation of middle-class and rich people in digital money is becoming stronger and stronger. 

The United States also did a similar survey earlier, and it showed that 11% of the US population holds BTC, and the population aged from 18 to 34 has an absolute advantage. BTC is so widely recognized in the United States that 89% of the country’s population has heard about cryptocurrencies more or less. 

Similar to British conclusion, in the United States wealthy young people have a higher interest and confidence in digital currency in comparison to other social groups. In the survey, 27% of respondents born after 1997 said they would try to buy digital currency within six months. 

Whether in the UK or the US, participants buy digital money mainly through exchanges. Exchanges offer transparent prices, real-time updates and diversified choices. As long as they can ensure security and fairness and protect the interests and privacy of investors, they will bring great convenience and opportunities to more and more participants. 

However, since the beginning of the history of crypto trading, many exchanges have been exposed to hacker intrusion and user information leakage. It happens every year. Due to the anonymity and convenience of digital currency, money laundering and terrorist financing activities have been developed in recent years. Some of the security measures are not properly taken. Moreover, we can observe the lack of relevant technologies which could increase the level of protection. 

In order to fully protect the rights and interests of investors, AOFEX Exchange is continuously strengthening protection measures to provide users with a safer encrypted digital currency trading environment. 

Located in London, United Kingdom, AOFEX is a digital asset exchange with non-standardized option trading as its core competitiveness. The platform is open to global users. 

AOFEX has a bank-level security risk control system and technology that can fully guarantee the fairness of transactions. As a result, the exchange is able to provide users with quality service. It not only ensures more reliable security guarantees but also greatly enhances users’ trading experience. 

The core team of AOFEX has been deeply engaged in fintech fields for many years, providing strategic planning for a large number of high-tech enterprises and core services for many financial institutions. AOFEX team has a very strong global strategic operation capability, as well as rich experience in financial risk control and management. 

AOFEX introduces world’s top traditional bank financial risk control system, adopts multiple underlying security technologies, establishes an internal supervision and early warning system, and sets up a risk reserve mechanism to provide users with a more secure encrypted digital currency trading environment. It also actively called for International Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) to set up a special anti-money laundering team and introduced a series of anti-money laundering (AWL) safeguards. 

At the same time, AOFEX has reached strategic cooperation with Slow Mist Technology, which is an expert in blockchain security. So, it has achieved a leading position in such fields as user asset security, anti-fraud, international anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing. 

The exchange has the main aim to better protect investors interests, allowing users to trade freely in a safe and fair environment, gaining benefits from the development of blockchain industry, and also to support industry evolution, gradually select the most recognized technology and teams to contribute to changing the whole world with blockchain technology. 

AOFEX will continue to upgrade the web and to make efforts in protecting user asset security and preventing financial crimes, bringing more safe and convenient professional services to investors. 

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