British Musician Aphex Twin Sells Graphic Artwork NFT with Something Hidden Inside

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British Musician Aphex Twin Sells Graphic Artwork NFT with Something Hidden Inside
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The musician raked around 72 ETH in the final bidding of his NFT along with an Easter egg surprise for users to unlock.

While everyone has been riding on the NFT wave recently, British electronic musician Aphex Twin sold his graphic artwork as an NFT. Dubbed as ‘afx\/weirdcore\blockscanner,’ the NFT sale was a collaboration with digital artist Weirdcore.

Fans had nearly 24 hours to bid as the winning bid stood at 72 ETH. In the follow-up tweet, Aphex Twin aka Richard D. James further noted that he would spend “a portion of the money on planting trees and either donating to permaculture projects or setting them up ourselves, depending on how much we get.”

However, it appeared that Aphex Twin has hidden something in the NFT sold earlier. Freeka Tet, the digital artist who contributed some part to the token’s tech shared a surprise. Tet shared a video on Instagram thereby revealing his users the process of finding the easter egg within the NFT.

“NFT HACK,” Tet captioned the clip. There’s “been hiding something special in the NFTfrom the get go 🔓 and check what is inside,” he said.

Unlocking the Easter Egg Treasure from the NFT Sold by Aphex Twin

To unlock the easter egg treasure, users first need to go to the token’s listing on the NFT Auction House Foundation. Via the NFT’s IPFS site, users can select to view the seed. By doing so, fans will receive a reward with an IPFS URL directing them to a downloadable .mp4 file.

According to some fans, the extracted file has the date of April 14. This is probably in reference of Aphex Twin’s track ‘Avril 14th’. However, this could also be a hint to something on the way ahead next month. Note that Aphex Twin isn’t the first musician to test the waters with NFTs.

In one of the biggest NFT auctions, American Rock Band Kings of Leon sold some of the deluxe editions of their latest tracks as NFTs. They sold it along with Golden Ticket packages for VIP tour privileges. The American Rock bank raised nearly $2 million with their NFT sales while encouraging other artists to follow this route.

Electro-pop artist Grimes also made big news while raising a massive $6 million from his debut NFT. Recently, Hollywood Start Lindsay Lohan has made news by auctioning her first “lullaby” song as an NFT.

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