Apple Projects Over 100 Million Sales of iPhone 12 with Introduction of 5G

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Apple Projects Over 100 Million Sales of iPhone 12 with Introduction of 5G
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Apple Inc. forecasts that it will sell more than 100 million of iPhones 12 in 2020 as the next iPhone line is expected to feature 5G networking. It may have a positive impact on Apple stock.

It appears that Apple Inc., the maker of the popular iPhone series has indicated a forecast of more than 100 million sales of its next iPhone (iPhone 12 line). Sources indicate that the Cupertino California giant has been informing its partners within its distribution network and supply chain to expect this amount to come next year. Already though, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro sales are expected to be in the region of 80 million units though an increase in this amount will definitely indicate that demand for the iPhone is rising.

If these predictions come true, there are high chances that it will have a positive influence on the company’s stocks. At the time of writing, Apple Inc’s stock is trading at $266.37 which demonstrates a 4.59 % increase within the last 24 hours.

Pundits in the telecoms industry have attributed this rising demand due to the incoming 5G networks which have been few lately. Already, Android OS phone manufacturers have started releasing 5G enabled phones but they have been on the more expensive end. The good news, however, is that with the new rollout of 5G phones are going to become smarter, faster and will also be able to all kinds of stuff which aren’t possible just yet just like the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are doing at the moment.

This also sounds like big news for Apple who regularly likes to “leak” information for more than a year before the launch of the products. Sources indicate that according to leaks the new iPhone 12 will be in three different models all of which will be 5G capable as well. The new iPhone will also have metal frames that reminiscent of iPhone 4 making many iPhone aficionados go down memory lane as well. Everyone is also expecting Apple to switch to OLED screens this time and this is what might occur eventually as the Cupertino giant is set to switch their screens to OLED this time.

The 100 million Question

The recent indication of 100 million phones sounds to many as a far-fetched expectation eve for Apple. The truth is that based on the data available when it comes to iPhone sale, this prediction so far will be a big leap as the extra 20 million phones will create quite a bit of buzz on Apple Inc.’s balance sheet. Apple sold 231.2 million iPhones in 2015, in 2016 this figure reduced to 211.8 million, 216.76 million in 2017 and 217.72 million in 2018. These figures are about the sales of new and old smartphone models together. This, of course, indicates that sales of the iPhones shift marginally and the new forecast will give the sales a boost outside the territories that have been indicated already.

The sales of the iPhone is a combination of new models and previous ones as well. The forecast indicates that 5G may also be the gamechanger for Apple who has been looking at ways of trying to break the dominance of the Android OS which holds the global majority market share in the smartphone market. If it will succeed remains yet to be seen but one thing is certain: the iPhone 12 is going to rock.

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